Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dive into a Floating Platformer – Ynglet is out Now on Xbox

We’re excited to share that Ynglet has just released on Xbox One! Ynglet is a platformer with no platforms. You play as a jellyfish-like creature, jumping between floating bubbles, in search of your friends separated by a comet. The story is explained through a short cutscene with no dialog or text. Each of the friends […]

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    NEXUS 1.4.1 and Banks (Mac OSX)

    NEXUS 1.4.1 and Banks | MacOSX | 9.61 GB
    NEXUS is really a next generation rom synthesizer of finest quality which will make your dreams become a reality. Overlook the usual bread & butter ROM synthesizers whose sounds are boring, lacking and stale punch.
    XUS explores new territory and delivers complex, ultra-fat and up-to-date soundstorms which could not sound any better from probably the most expensive and best hardware – all at the end of your fingers.

    NEXUS gives you all you need to create the brand new hit. Do you want probably the most powerful dance leadsounds to become famous in your club or perhaps a Gregorian choir to generate the atmosphere of another trance hit? Anything you need, NEXUS will give you using what you have already been desiring always.

    Features just like the freely programable arpeggiator, the versatile trancegate or the factory-library optimized for the most famous genres get this to the very best ROM synthesizer out there.

    Even, your CPU is spared. It is possible to expand NEXUS with new sounds by installing genre-specific expansion packs or customize the appearance of the GUI with this themed skins.


    Bigtone Signature
    Dance Drums
    Minimal House
    Minimal House 2
    Perpetual Motion
    Total Piano
    XP Dance Orchestra
    XP Dance vol.1
    XP House vol.1

    Io install presets:

    In the primary window, click on the NEXUS SYS
    Next – import exp and pick the addition of folders Expansions
    (sorry for my english)

    to install:
    1. install #1 1 (1 install nexus 1.0.9)
    2. install #2 2 (2 install 1.0.9-1.4.1)
    3. install #3 3 (3 banks)
    4. install #4 4 (4 Skins)
    5. install nubmer 5 (5 (crack for presets!!! MAKE SURE TO INSTALL)- install to content/presets)
    6. READY! 

    All Link Download: 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part01.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part02.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part03.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part04.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part05.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part06.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part07.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part08.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part09.rar 1.4.1 and banks.FILESONIC.1GB.part10.rar

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