Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ubisoft Brings Rocksmith As A Subscription Service Back, Today closed Beta Sign-ups Start

During Ubisoft's E3 presentation, the publisher announced it's getting back in the guitar tutorial business with Rocksmith+. This new version of the decade-old franchise was given ample spotlight during the live stream, as Ubisoft San Francisco explained how is transforming it from a standalone product into a robust subscription service.Arthur Von Nagel, a Ubisoft producer, discussed some of the enhancements and changes coming to Rocksmith+. He noted how aspiring musicians can learn to play guitar or bass by connecting their instrument of choice to a PC, console, or mobile device. Because Rocksmith+ is able to use your phone as a microphone, acoustic guitar players and those using electric guitars with amplifiers can play without additional equipment. The appropriate app is all that’s needed to be downloaded on a mobile device and synced to whichever platform the user chooses. The music library was described as having “a huge amount of songs at launch,” featuring master recording and will grow each week with “new, authentic arrangements.” Genres mentioned in the presentation include pop, hip-hop, country, R&B, Latin, and metal subgenres. “It’s the most diverse song library ever seen in music learning software,” claims Nagel. There’s even going to be a way for users to create and add their own arrangements using a new tool called Rocksmith Workshop. Nagel also announced a bunch of new ways for people to learn strum or shred from Rocksmith+. Chord charts will be included for those who prefer to stick to rhythm guitar as well as the more accurate note-for-note style of past versions of Rocksmith. New this time around is a tablature view to read the music as one would with traditional sheet music. An enhanced recommendation system and better progress tracking have been added to allow for a more personalized learning experience for beginner and intermediate musicians. In a press release after the show, Ubisoft announced pricing details: $14.99 for a 1-month subscription, $39.99 for a 3-month subscription, and $99.99 for a 12-month subscription. Sign-ups for the Rocksmith+ "closed beta" start today, and the full launch of the service is expected later this year. You can check out the rest of Ubisoft’s big announcements at our E3 hub, and watch the reveals from other publishers along with the Game Informer team live on Twitch!

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    Facebook is owning a national ad campaign to encourage voting

    Facebook update on registrations and consumer marketing voting

    Facebook is launching a national consumer awareness ad campaign around voting and registration which includes a “vote-a-thon” and in-app consumer advertising campaign. It’s the continuation of a scheduled program that Facebook said which has helped 2. far this season 5 million people register to vote so, prior to the November 3rd election date with the purpose of registering 4 million people.

    Facebook said it shall run the campaign across “national broadcast, cable, radio, and digital homepage takeovers within news and lifestyle outlets,” encouraging visitors to visit its voting information centers. It will be featured and focus on its Instagram and Facebook apps front. On Tuesday at 11 AM ET all that will culminate in a vote-a-thon on the Facebook app page.


    On, Facebook began showing users how exactly to register to vote near the top of the Facebook, Messenger and instagram apps. “These notifications take them to the relevant page making use of their state’s official website or among our non-partisan partner organizations if online voter registration isn’t obtainable in their state,” the business wrote. Through September 25th it promised showing those notifications. (Voter registration deadlines vary widely from state to convey.)

    Facebook has been criticized in this election cycle for allowing lies to stand in political ads, when other sites like Twitter altogether have banned political ads. This month earlier, however, CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed concerns concerning the threat of “civil unrest” following the election and vowed to take measures to slow misinformation. However, critics have noted that it continues to flourish on the website regardless of the company’s efforts.

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