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Viggo Mortensen Details Thirteen Lives’ Challenging Diving Scenes

During an interview with ComingSoon, Thirteen Lives star Viggo Mortensen spoke about […] The post Viggo Mortensen Details Thirteen Lives’ Challenging Diving Scenes appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

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    Marvel's Avengers First Major Patch Fixes “Over 1000 Issues” From Launch

    The first major patch for Marvel’s Avengers from Square Enix is here now in fact it is massive. With over 1000 fixes for issues players have reported since launch, the team went hard on making certain the standard of the Marvel game doesn’t suffer miss release hiccups.

    Crystal Dynamics updated the game’s official website to talk about everything contained in the new patch. While this patch is geared to fixing reported bugs mainly, the studio did likewise incorporate a tease for future updates just around the corner which will “integrate more quality-of-life adjustments and feedback-driven features/tuning.”

    For those playing on PC, the rapid crashing issue has been addressed in addition to more memory and stability usage. Players may also adjust the game’s visual settings, including disabling the motion blur effect.

    While the patch is massive, the fixes are pretty standard for online flash games: stuttering issues, freezing characters, glitching by way of a wall, ability bugs, skill glitches, mission issues, therefore a lot more. Tweaks were also designed to how characters function in-game, like the bugs reported with Captain America’s mirror shield, that is one we’ve encountered a lot.

    The latest patch also addressed the matchmaking issues for the multiplayer element of the game, an issue that is discussed since launch. The reduced amount of the cooldown after leaving a strike is really a nice adjustment, and also always-on matchmaking through the mission launch countdown.

    Art fixes, UI tweaks, and much more can all be found with the state patch update. For more information, browse the full notes here.

    [Source: Square Enix]

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