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Halo Series Episode 8 Review – Discussing THAT Master Chief Scene

Stop me if you've heard this before, but the Halo series has continuously been a roller coaster ride of good and bad, and few episodes encapsulate that as well as this week's tale in "Allegiance." Join us on The Game Informer Show as we discuss the eighth episode of the series, break down the most significant moments, and discuss the scene everyone is talking about. Your regular hosts of Alex Stadnik, Andrew Reiner, and Brian Shea are back again and definitely have thoughts on the return of Master Chief, Makee, and Dr. Halsey. After a week away on Madrigal with Kwan and Soren, the focus shifts back to Reach and what the UNSC is doing about finding The Covenant and Halo. While the militaristic arm of humanity panics over other planets getting glassed by their alien foes, John and Makee are spending time getting to know each other after their shared vision of the show's namesake. While the universe's greatest Spartan and the Covenant spy fraternize in the park (and other places), Dr. Halsey continues to meddle in order to advance humanity in her image, threatening the people she's trying to save in the process. Will the good doctor's interference and the union between the main characters result in unity between the two warring factions or make the upcoming battle that much harder? You'll just have to listen to this week's show to find out. What do you think about Halo thus far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We'd also love your feedback on the extra GI Show episodes. Do you like them? Do you want to see us focus on games or the Marvel shows in the future? Please email us at [email protected] or reach out on Discord as we want to know what you think.

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    Halo 3: ODST Is GO ON Steam With The Master Chief Collection

    When the Halo: The Master Chief Collection made the jump over onto Steam, PC players were ecstatic to possess another reason to dive in to the Halo universe. Releasing the complete franchise through the Master Chief Collection is a slow process, nonetheless it is a process really worth it! For all those which are fans of Halo 3: ODST, now could be your time and effort to shine because this is the latest addition to create its way over onto the Valve platform.

    Even much better than Halo 3: ODST’s arrival may be the other updates which come from Season 3 of the Master Chief Collection. Season 3 offers over 80 unlocks for the 50 tiers along with new weapon and visor skins for Halo 3, characters for ODST, and new nameplates.

    A new Challenge deck can be arriving for new weekly challenges in addition to more tweaks to matchmaking with the next modes:

    • Recon Slayer (you’ll spawn with the Silenced SMG and the Automag, weapons on the map are replaced making use of their ODST counterpart where applicable)
    • ODST Heroic Firefight
    • ODST Firefight Arcade

    [embedded content]

    With Halo 3: ODST’s arrival also includes a few updates because of this particular experience aswell, including:

    • Matchmaking updates and support for dedicated servers
    • The capability to customize and save your valuable own Firefight game variants
    • The Halo 3 Battle Rifle and ODST’s Assault Rifle being designed for use
    • Oh, and the Hornet and Anti-Air Wraith too can be purchased in Firefight!

    It’s time and energy to drop in and do some damage, because Halo 3: ODST is currently on Steam. Additionally it is on the Microsoft Store so when area of the Xbox Game Spread PC. Happy hunting!

    [Source: Halo Waypoint]

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