Sunday, June 26, 2022

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, Free DLC Available Now

Under the direction of Akira Okada, with scenarios crafted by critically-acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series), character designs by Yusuke Kozaki, and music by Keisuke Ito, AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative is a detective adventure that draws you into a near-future Tokyo where there exists the technology to enter into people’s dreams. […]

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    Outlook for Android and iOS gets better voice controls

    Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android emoji reactions

    As area of the slew of news from its Ignite conference, Microsoft announced some noticeable changes arriving at its Outlook app for iOS and Android. Voice controls are receiving expanded so that you can dictate short emails or call a contact from the app, not only is it in a position to speak keyphrases as you can do before. You’ll also see suggested replies in emails where Microsoft detects a obtain a gathering. In the latter, Outlook will offer you options for one to send your availability or schedule a gathering to produce a new event on your own calendar.

    Those on Android are certain to get new actionable notifications so that you can reply also, archive or delete an incoming message when an alert will come in. If you like, it is possible to replace those default actions to Mark as read also, Flag and much more. iOS users will soon start to see the already announced drag and drop support between Outlook and OneDrive on iPads soon.

    Microsoft can be attempting to bring other features which exist on other versions of Outlook (i.e. desktop) to iOS and Android. Included in these are workspace booking, text prediction, weather data in your calendar and adding emoji reactions to your emails. Year that last one will begin to roll out round the New, the ongoing company said.

    Microsoft Outlook for Android update

    To ensure it is easier for those who use Outlook on the desktops to find the mobile apps, Microsoft also introduced an instrument that means it is simpler to sign in to the service on your own phone if you’re already logged in on your own laptop. From Outlook on your own browser or desktop, you’ll get yourself a prompt to send yourself a text to download the app on your own phone. When you’re establishing the mobile app, it is possible to scan a QR code on your own laptop’s screen and Microsoft says it’ll securely transfer your credentials from your own desktop to your phone.

    Most of the new features shall begin rolling out on the next couple of weeks, Microsoft said, with some slated to reach down the road further.

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