Sunday, December 5, 2021

Quake Receives A Fresh Update With Machine Games Providing A New Horde Mode

Quake, which was re-released for modern consoles and PC back in August, is receiving even more love from the devs at Bethesda and Wolfenstein developer Machine Games with a new mode and content added with Update 2. Out today on all platforms, Update 2 brings a host of big fixes, but most importantly, an entirely new Horde Mode. Developed by the team at Machine Games, Quakes Horde Mode pits teams of 1-4 local or online players (or bots!) against swarms of AI enemies on four brand new horde maps. Every third wave of baddies will include a boss which coughs up a silver key which can be cashed in to collect more weapons and items, bolstering your arsenal for further battles. Click here to watch embedded media Also included in Update 2 is an add-on called Honey where you'll "delve deep into the darkness to conquer a deadly plague infecting the land." It's a new Quake experience authored by senior level designer Christian Grawer from Machine Games. Quake is making its Epic Games Store debut today, as well. Pick it up there if EGS is your PC game launcher of choice. You can find the full contents of Update 2 here.  Are you going to squad up with friends and take on rounds of devious Quake hordes? Let us know in the comments!

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    Starfield Was Reportedly In FORETELLS BE CONSIDERED A Timed PS5 Exclusive Before Microsoft Acquisition


    By, you’ve likely heard that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda alongside other ZeniMax properties. Moreso, Microsoft has confirmed that they can honor exclusivity handles PlayStation for games like Ghostwire and Deathloop. That said, it appears like Sony was in talks with Bethsesda for exclusive rights with their upcoming IP Starfield prior to the acquisition was finalized, at the very least in accordance with recent reports.

    The latest report about among the alternate timelines for Starfield originates from esteemed journalist and industry insider Imran Khan. In accordance with a recently available Twitter post from Khan, “The timing with this announcement is completely fascinating. The week after Sony solidifies their existing exclusivity with some Bethesda games however the day before Xbox opens up preorders.”

    The timing was genius, there is absolutely no denying that, but the 7 apparently.5 billion dollar deal comes with an sustained impact than we originally thought. Khan followed around his initial tweet saying that Sony was reportedly looking at a special cope with Bethesda’s sci-fi new IP. “Sony have been negotiating timed exclusivity on Starfield as recently as some time ago,” he said. “Likely to guess either those talks are done or the purchase price suddenly went way, way up.”

    In our previous coverage we discussed how Xboss Phil Spencer discussed honoring the prior Sony deals for just two of Bethesda’s games, Deathloop and ghostwire, and that remaining games in the future will be on a “case by case basis.”

    As an individual speculation note, I’d suppose Microsoft would turn to capitalize on the massive fanbase that’s mounted on the PlayStation brand who eventually also be huge Fallout and Skyrim fans aswell. Of going full-on Xbox/PC exclusive for all those mainstay franchise instead, it is possible that Microsoft allows those particular series to be multiplatform with timed-exclusivity for the most part. New IPs like Starfield, however, are new communities, and may withstand a special move.

    We’ll be learning more in what this acquisition opportinity for Bethesda games both new and old, but also for it is possible to catch through to the most recent announcement the following now.

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