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I Am Groot Release Date & Time on Disney+

The I Am Groot release date is near. Disney+ will soon debut […] The post I Am Groot Release Date & Time on Disney+ appeared first on

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    Xbox Cheekily Teases Next Game Pass Arrival With Hidden Message

    Let’s be real here for an instant: Xbox’s social media marketing game has been burning lately. The most recent social post is less of a ‘turning a negative leak right into a meme’ situation and much more of a not subtle announcement preluding a genuine announcement. If the newest teaser isn’t some weird coincidence, then it appears like Doom Eternal may be the next major game to create its solution to Xbox Game Pass.

    The latest Xbox tweet was a screengrab of a contact discussing a [REDACTED] big game arriving at Xbox Game Pass. The associating caption was witty pretty, we’ll provide them with that, saying: “Melissa said never to drop hints so we’re not dropping hints. You can find no hints in this screenshot absolutely. Don’t bother searching for them. You can find none.”

    So clearly there is a large one also it didn’t take a long time before fellow Twitter users got cracking:

    With reducing the exposure, the line “The Slayer is coming” could possibly be found. With the recent acquisition of ZeniMax, which include games like Doom and subsequent Doom Eternal, it quite definitely appears like a confirmation that Eternal may be the next title up joining the fray.

    But, we’re nothing or even thorough, so that it was tested by us out ourselves. This is a screengrab of the settings we found in the free online tool “BeFunky”:

    the recent acquisition

    Given, this news is not actually shocking nonetheless it is exciting. Doom Eternal was met with rave reviews and is really a serious contender for Game of the entire year for most. Plus, who wouldn’t want more Doom.

    Despite how obvious this tease apparently, it is very important understand that Microsoft has yet to really say what “Doom Eternal is arriving at Xbox Game Pass”, though the official announcement will be coming soon that new titles are making their solution to the service.

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