Sunday, July 3, 2022

Only Those Worthy Can Win This Thor: Love And Thunder Xbox Series X

Microsoft, the company that brought us furry Sonic controllers and a Far Cry 6 console that resembled a bomb, has unveiled its latest kooky Xbox Series X sweepstakes, and it may be the coolest/dumbest one yet. Hot on the heels of the premier of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8, the company is giving away a custom Series X modeled after Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjölnir. That means the console looks like a big, cracked slab of dwarven-crafted uru that still channels electricity and may or may not be liftable depending on if you’re worthy. It's hard to tell if that handle is real or simply edited into the photo for full effect, but you should probably assume the worst (best?) when considering making space for this thing.  The contest begins today and concludes on July 21. To enter, you just need to follow the Xbox Twitter account and retweet #ThorLoveandThunderXboxSweepstakes. You can read the full contest rules here.

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    Amblin TV’s Rashomon Series Acquired by HBO Max

    Amblin TV's Rashomon Series Acquired by HBO Max

    Amblin TV’s Rashomon Series Acquired by HBO Max

    It’s been 2 yrs since word first broke that Amblin TV was creating a series adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s acclaimed drama Rashomon and now it really is partnering with HBO Max for the forthcoming project.

    “I’m delighted to utilize Amblin Partners and HBO Max to reimagine Rashomon for today’s audience,” Hisao Kurosawa, son of the iconic director, said in a statement. “I’m excited to see my dad’s vision through this inspirational story kept alive and made accessible to a fresh generation.”

    The series, that is being penned by Oscar nominees Billy Ray (The Comey Rule) and Virgil Williams (Mudbound), will never be a primary adaptation of the 1950 classic but instead will retain its key plot device of a drama centering a grisly sexual assault and murder and unraveling the mystery through the characters’ competing narratives during the period of a ten-episode series occur the present day day.

    “Truth is becoming increasingly fractured in this age of cable news and social media’s “say it and it’s true” culture,” Darryl Justin and Frank Falvey, Amblin Partners’ Co-Presidents, said in a statement. “Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece had not been a murder mystery just; it had been a revolution in storytelling, as cinema’s most influential and impactful early exploration of subjective points of view and flawed narration. Seventy years following the film’s release, the legacy of Rashomon is indisputable and its own central themes more relevant than ever before. Our series will honor the impact of the initial work and explore the age-old idea of objective truth versus subjective perspective inside our contemporary times.”

    Frank and Falvey (The Americans, The Haunting of Hill House) are mounted on executive produce the series alongside Mark Canton (Power) of Atmosphere Entertainment, Leigh Ann Burton of Opus7 Entertainment and David Hopwood (Den of Thieves), with SVP of Television Development Todd Cohen set to oversee the day-to-day development of the project.

    “It requires plenty of effort to help make the stars align and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to really have the possibility to create a genuine undertake Rashomona masterpiece from the true genius of cinema-for new audiences, with the entire blessing and support of the Kurosawa family,” Canton said in a statement. only that “Not, but to be doing this together with my colleagues and friends at Amblin Television, and also the talented Billy Ray and Virgil Williams brilliantly, is actually the convergence of effort and fortune that each producer hopes for.”

    The original film, co-written by Shinobu and Kurosawa Hasimoto and directed by the former, revolves round the rape of a bride and the murder of her samurai husband and sees the story told from four different perspectives, that of a bandit, the bride, a woodcutter and the ghost of the samurai.

    It received rave reviews from critics worldwide aside from those from its country of origin and is widely regarded as the first ever to put Japanese filmmaking onto the planet stage, winning several awards including an Academy Honorary Award at the 24th Academy Awards in 1952 and consistently appears on numerous lists to find the best films ever.

    Kurosawa’s previous work has been before adapted for international audiences, with Seven Samurai becoming the 1960 western classic The Magnificent Seven and Yojimbo acting as both an inspiration and source material for numerous works, like the official remakes A Fistful of Dollars, which spawned its trilogy starring Clint Eastwood (The Mule) in the lead role, and Last Man Standing starring Bruce Willis (Death Wish), along with influencing an bout of the acclaimed animated series Samurai Jack.

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