Saturday, December 4, 2021

Quake Receives A Fresh Update With Machine Games Providing A New Horde Mode

Quake, which was re-released for modern consoles and PC back in August, is receiving even more love from the devs at Bethesda and Wolfenstein developer Machine Games with a new mode and content added with Update 2. Out today on all platforms, Update 2 brings a host of big fixes, but most importantly, an entirely new Horde Mode. Developed by the team at Machine Games, Quakes Horde Mode pits teams of 1-4 local or online players (or bots!) against swarms of AI enemies on four brand new horde maps. Every third wave of baddies will include a boss which coughs up a silver key which can be cashed in to collect more weapons and items, bolstering your arsenal for further battles. Click here to watch embedded media Also included in Update 2 is an add-on called Honey where you'll "delve deep into the darkness to conquer a deadly plague infecting the land." It's a new Quake experience authored by senior level designer Christian Grawer from Machine Games. Quake is making its Epic Games Store debut today, as well. Pick it up there if EGS is your PC game launcher of choice. You can find the full contents of Update 2 here.  Are you going to squad up with friends and take on rounds of devious Quake hordes? Let us know in the comments!

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    Xbox Social Team Continues Meme Marketing With Hilarious TikTok Self Dunk

    Whether you really are a fan of the Xbox systems or not, it’s hard to deny that the Xbox social team has been killing it lately on Twitter. From turning an massive leak right into a hilarious meme awfully, to ensuring they’re being transparent concerning the next generation ahead, the Xbox social game is on a roll. That streak continues as Microsoft opens up a TikTok account for Xbox and the first video? It’s a pretty witty self dunk.

    The video begins with a voice saying they are “racking your brains on what our first post TikTok ought to be” and reflects on the Xbox Series S or …

    With the video featuring the all digital console first, before finishing the sentence with saying the X, the movies to scrolling by way of a gallery of images. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen all the memefied comparisons to the Xbox system’s design for both versions. From looking such as a giant fridge to dealing with your final boombox form, the memes have already been on point.

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and that is just what Microsoft did making use of their first Xbox TikTok. Following a group of “nopes” scrolling through every one of the various meme takes, the clip does end on the console itself eventually, nonetheless it is interesting to see increasingly more companies have a more playful approach when getting together with their audience.

    This is merely a great way that Microsoft has changed their strategy regarding Xbox’s invest the gaming community. Between pivoting to a far more service-related core mission to going for a page from Wendy’s social team, we say keep carefully the memes coming. The gaming community is excellent, but it can often be really toxic. I’ll never ignore more levity so long as it generally does not completely dominate and overshadow important updates that consumers need to find out.

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