Saturday, August 13, 2022

Dive into a Floating Platformer – Ynglet is out Now on Xbox

We’re excited to share that Ynglet has just released on Xbox One! Ynglet is a platformer with no platforms. You play as a jellyfish-like creature, jumping between floating bubbles, in search of your friends separated by a comet. The story is explained through a short cutscene with no dialog or text. Each of the friends […]

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    Elektron's Analog Four and Rytm get both software and design upgrades

    Elektron’s Analog Four Analog and MKII Rytm MKII are both serious high-end instruments. They’re $1,399 and $1,699 respectively. But, despite coming to the very best of the Elektron heap, they’ve been missing a number of the big features that produce its less expensive Digi- and Model: lines so exciting. But, with Analog Four OS 1.50 and Analog Rytm OS 1.60 both are adding step recording mode and trig probability finally. That provides them both full sequencing power that Elektron devices enjoy. You will manually build out drum patterns or punch in chords even although you fingers are fast enough to play live. Probability also brings a dash of randomness in order that things don’t get stale. It is possible to preview trigs in your sequence now also, and never having to hit play and listen during your whole pattern.

    Both Analogs are actually class compliant USB audio sources also. Which means your don’t need Elektron’s Overbridge or even a separate audio interface for connecting them to your personal computer or mobile device. So now it’s easier to really get your glitchy drums off the Rytm and into your DAW of preference, whether that’s Ableton on a Windows PC or GarageBand on an iPhone.

    Elektron Analog Rytm MKII

    Now that the program features tend to be more with the Digi series they’re looks are increasingly being updated too inline. Gone may be the light subdued and gray colors of the initial MKIIs. And now both Analog Four and Rytm sport sleek black coatings and bright multicolored backlights. They’re also packed with new factory samples and presets to celebrate the new coat of paint.

    The OS updates for both instruments are for sale to clear of the Elektron website and the redesigned Analog Four and Rytm are shipping now.

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