Sunday, July 3, 2022

Only Those Worthy Can Win This Thor: Love And Thunder Xbox Series X

Microsoft, the company that brought us furry Sonic controllers and a Far Cry 6 console that resembled a bomb, has unveiled its latest kooky Xbox Series X sweepstakes, and it may be the coolest/dumbest one yet. Hot on the heels of the premier of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8, the company is giving away a custom Series X modeled after Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjölnir. That means the console looks like a big, cracked slab of dwarven-crafted uru that still channels electricity and may or may not be liftable depending on if you’re worthy. It's hard to tell if that handle is real or simply edited into the photo for full effect, but you should probably assume the worst (best?) when considering making space for this thing.  The contest begins today and concludes on July 21. To enter, you just need to follow the Xbox Twitter account and retweet #ThorLoveandThunderXboxSweepstakes. You can read the full contest rules here.

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    Work Together to Unlock New Collectibles During TESO’s Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event

    Uncover Tamriel’s hidden history during the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event from now until October 5 and you can help unlock amazing new collectibles, including cosmetics, a new pet, a massive new house, and The Elder Scrolls Online‘s first houseguest!

    To help unlock these rewards, use the Antiquities system (introduced with the Greymoor Chapter) to dig up lost relics anywhere in Tamriel to help fill out the meter found on the Lost Treasures of Skyrim page. We’ll update this meter with the community’s progress each day, so you and your fellow ESO players will always know your progress. Once you’ve unlocked all three reward tiers or time runs out, the unlocked rewards will be available free in the in-game Crown Store. Easy!

    These unlockable rewards include:

    • Horror Within Face and Body Markings
    • Orchidfall Vale Fawn Pet
    • Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery home and Antiquarian Phedre Houseguest
      • This is the first Houseguest ever introduced to ESO!

    Lost Treasures of Skyrim

    Don’t forget, you can dig up antiquities anywhere in Tamriel to progress the meter, so pick up your Antiquian’s Eye and shovel and chase down those leads to both unearth Tamriel’s lost treasures and unlock bonus rewards for all.

    If you’re yet to explore Western Skyrim and don’t own The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, don’t worry, this latest Chapter is now available in the Microsoft Store for Xbox at up to 50% off, including both Standard and Collector’s editions.

    Western Skyrim’s Bounty

    In addition to this community activity, you can also earn additional rewards simply by adventuring and exploring Western Skyrim.

    These rewards include bonus drops from resource nodes, world bosses, delve bosses, and even the Kyne’s Aegis trial bosses if you’re looking to gear up with one of those powerful new item sets. But that’s not all! Throughout the event, when you complete a Western Skyrim daily quest, you’ll receive a brand new container that has a chance to reward you with items such as furnishing recipes, valuables, and style pages including the new Sovngarde armor. There’s never been a better time to help defend the Nords against the rising Gray Host threat.

    The Lost Treasures of Skyrim event and its rewards are only available for those who own the Greymoor Chapter, so be sure to grab ESO’s latest Chapter on sale from the Microsoft Store for Xbox today—we’ll see you in Skyrim!

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

    Xbox Live

    Xbox Live

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

    Bethesda Softworks

    $59.99 $29.99
    The Dark Heart of Skyrim beats from the depths in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. Explore the snow-swept region of Western Skyrim and face an ancient vampiric army that once plagued Tamriel, bent on devouring souls to fuel their rebirth, as part of a year-long gothic adventure. The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor includes Elsweyr, Summerset and Morrowind Chapters, as well as the Base Game. • BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY WITH GREYMOOR – With a new tutorial and a standalone story, Greymoor is built for new players. • EXPLORE WESTERN SKYRIM – Venture through an iconic land, 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Explore the unforgiving homeland of the Nords, both above and below ground. • DEFEAT THE DARKNESS – Protect the world of the living from an army of Vampires, Werewolves & Witches. • YEAR-LONG GOTHIC SAGA – ESO once again delivers a new story that builds with each quarterly release.

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