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New Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Features Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher And He Looks Metal

Marvel Studios has released a new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer that runs more than two minutes long and features a ton of new footage, especially compared to the teaser trailer released last month.  The new trailer features extended looks at scenes from the teaser, like when Thor realizes Jane Foster is back and now wielding Mjolnir. It also contains new footage of Korg, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the villain of Taika Waititi’s latest Thor film, Gorr the God Butcher. For comic fans, one look at Christian Bale’s Gorr, and it’s immediately apparent that this is a very different take. Gorr is typically more alien-looking but still humanoid. Bale’s Gorr looks very much like a human, and it’s not surprising because if you’re going to hire someone like Bale to play a villain, why not squeeze out as much as you can by reminding folks that this is Bale.  However, regardless of where you fall on “he’s too human” or “I like it,” it’s hard to disagree that Bale’s Gorr is appropriately metal. Right off the bat, Gorr the God Butcher is an incredible title to hold if you’re a villain. Couple that with his first announcement – that all gods need to die, including Thor – and his design, which features black-tipped fingers, a planet-shattering weapon, and a black liquid that runs out of his mouth, and Gorr might be the most metal MCU villain yet.    For more, watch the first Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer and then listen to this episode of From Panel To Podcast, which is Game Informer’s comic book podcast, to hear us talk about Thor: Love and Thunder.  What did you think of this trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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    February 9 Blu-ray, DVD and digital Releases

    February 9 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

    February 9 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

    Welcome to ComingSoon.february 9 Blu-ray net’s, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to get through Amazon! 

    New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD

    From Blumhouse, things get Freaky at Blissfield High when 17-year-old Millie (Kathryn Newton) swaps bodies having an infamous serial killer (Vince Vaughn).

    A family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity, his estranged wife Allison, and young son Nathan create a perilous journey with their only expect sanctuary.

    Jiang Ziya
    To earn his place between the gods, celestial army commander Jiang Ziya must vanquish a terrifying fox demon threatening the existence of the mortal realm. The follow-up to international blockbuster, Ne Zha and second chapter in the Fengshen Cinematic Universe.

    Wander Darkly
    Sienna Miller and Diego Luna lead this thriller in regards to a couple forced to revisit days gone by and unravel haunting truths in a captivating journey of loss, love, heartbreak, and hope.

    The El Duce Tapes
    A long, hard look at Eldon ‘El Duce’ Hoke, the front-man of the controversial ’90s shock metal band The Mentors.

    The constant state Of Texas Vs. Melissa
    Melissa Lucio was the initial Hispanic woman sentenced to death in Texas. For a decade she’s been awaiting her fate, and she faces her last appeal now.

    Deep In Vogue
    “Deep in fashion” celebrates the colorful, queer, political and emotional stories of Northern Vogue and its own people.

    Helter Skelter: An American Myth (DVD)
    In probably the most comprehensive visual telling of the Manson Family, Helter Skelter: An American Myth features never-before-accessed interviews from former family and journalists, weaving these original narratives with archival footage and newly-unearthed images. It’ll upend what folks think they find out about this complex story and cast a completely new light with this Crime of the Century.

    Book Club

    Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy
    Featuring 28 projects predicated on George Lucas’s epic film saga, Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy may be the ultimate guide to creating stunning projects inspired by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey, and a complete host of droids, ships, and aliens from the galaxy far, away far.

    Criterion Corner

    The Parallax View
    Three years after witnessing the murder of a respected senator atop Seattle’s Space Needle, reporter Joseph Frady (Warren Beatty) begins digging to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the event-and stumbles right into a labyrinthine conspiracy a lot more sinister than he may have imagined. The Parallax View’s stylized coolly, shadow-etched compositions by acclaimed cinematographer Gordon Willis give visual expression to a mood that begins being an anxious whisper and ends as a scream in to the void.


    The Hills Run Red
    Revenge is never easy and in this slam-bang western filled with fast-paced action and mounting suspense, revenge is sweeter never, either! At the ultimate end of the Civil War, a Confederate soldier is jailed for a heist engineered by his buddy, who escapes with the loot and builds himself a complete life of leisure. While suffering behind bars, he realizes he was double-crossed… and vows revenge.

    Man of the East
    To claim his father’s ranch, Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore (Hill) has arrived at the west. Unbeknownst to him, his father’s dying wish was that his friends and fellow highwaymen teach the lad how exactly to be considered a real man.

    So Evil My Love
    In the late 19th century, English widow Olivia Harwood (Ann Todd) meets Mark Bellis (Ray Milland), a charming-but-dangerous criminal who’s renting a available room in her boarding house. Hopelessly deeply in love with a man who’s playing her for a fool, Olivia soon descends right into a life of crime as Mark persuades her to steal from her friend Susan Courtney (Geraldine Fitzgerald), the wife of a wealthy peer.

    The Suspect
    Philip Marshall (Charles Laughton) is really a kind, henpecked accountant who strikes up a friendship with Mary Gray (Ella Raines), a unemployed stenographer who had approached him for work. He finds himself falling deeply in love with her gradually, but keeps the connection platonic. Along with his wife suspecting him of experiencing an affair, Philip asks her for a divorce, but she refuses and threatens him with scandal and exposure.

    Jazz on a Summer’s Day
    Filmed at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island and directed by world-renowned photographer Bert Stern, Day features intimate performances by an all-star line-up of musical legends including Louis Armstrong jazz on a Summer’s, Thelonious Monk, Gerry Mulligan, Anita O’Day, Chuck Berry, Dinah Washington, and closes with a lovely rendition of The Lord’s Prayer by Mahalia Jackson at nighttime to usher in Sunday morning.

    Nationtime is his vivid account of the National Black Political Convention held in Gary, Indiana, in 1972, a historic event that gathered Black delegates from over the political spectrum, included in this Jesse Jackson, Dick Gregory, Coretta Scott King, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Richard Hatcher, Amiri Baraka, Charles Diggs, Isaac Hayes, Richard H and Roundtree. Carl McCall.

    A Man Called Adam
    Legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. (Anna Lucasta) headlines a star-studded cast including Louis Armstrong (Paris Blues), Ossie Davis (Jungle Fever), Cicely Tyson (Bustin’ Loose), Mel Tormé (The Big Operator) and fellow Rat Pack member Peter Lawford (Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell) in this powerful drama in regards to a jazz musician who “has everything”-love, fame-but and friendship whose tormented past threatens to destroy him and his career.

    A Tale of Two Cities
    Ronald Colman (The Prisoner of Zenda) stars as Sydney Carton sardonic, dissolute, a wastreland destined to redeem himself within an act of courageous sacrifice. It’s a far, better thing I really do than I have ever done far, Carton muses at that defining moment.

    Wings of the Hawk 3-D
    Gringo miner Irish Gallager (Heflin) is swept up in the Mexican revolution of 1910-11 when corrupt administrator Colonel Paco Ruiz (George Dolenz, Scared Stiff) unjustly seizes his gold mine.

    Madame Claude
    Starring French New Wave icon Françoise Fabian in the title role plus a sinister Klaus Kinski and the lovely Dayle Haddon, MADAME CLAUDE can be an incredibly timeless look at perhaps one of the most controversial figures in recent French history.

    The Mary Millington Movie Collection
    Released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mary Millington s death, this special edition Blu-ray box set (individually numbered and limited by 3,000 units) features Mary s most glamorous film roles, with new, stunning 2K restorations, including: Come Play with Me (1977), The Playbirds (1978), Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979), Queen of the Blues (1979), Mary Millington s True Blue Confessions (1980) plus Respectable: The Mary Millington Story (2015), an in-depth documentary chronicling her extraordinary life.

    Beach Babes From Beyond
    Hot! Tan! Alien! An intergalactic babe borrows her dad’s T-bird ship to accomplish just a little planet hopping with her two friends, however they unexpectedly go out of fuel, and must land on the planet.

    Drew Baylor, day a hot-shot designer whose life becomes completely unraveled using one fateful. On the way to Elizabethtown, Drew meets Claire. She’s beautiful, and she’s decided to function as gal to steer Drew on his journey back just.

    Love Story
    Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal star in this heartrending 1970 romance about two young lovers whose passion can’t change their fate.

    The Little Prince
    A pilot crash-lands in the Sahara and finds a boy who says he’s a prince fallen to Earth from his asteroid home.

    Elysium (4K)
    In the entire year 2154, two classes of individuals exist: the wealthy, who go on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the others, who go on an overpopulated, ruined Earth.

    Six By Sondheim
    Explore the life span and career of renowned Broadway lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim through six of his best-known songs.

    New On Digital HD

    The Croods: A FRESH Age
    In search of a fresh home, the Croods encounter the more sophisticated Betterman family. A fresh threat forces both families to create aside their differences in order to avoid extinction.

    Reunion (exclusive clip)
    A pregnant woman returns to her recently-deceased grandparents’ house to invest time with her estranged mother. What begins as a reunion turns terrifying.

    The Reckoning
    Thrown in jail after being falsely accused to be a witch, Grace must endure extreme physical persecution at the tactile hands of a ruthless witch-hunter.

    A Glitch in the Matrix
    Are we surviving in a simulation? Filmmaker Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237, THE NIGHTMARE) wrestles with this particular existential question in his latest documentary, a multimedia journey that’s part sci-fi mind-scrambler, part true-crime horror story.

    John Peterson lives along with his partner Eric and their adopted daughter in Southern California. When he could be visited by his aging father Willis from LA who is looking for a location to retire, their two completely different worlds collide.

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