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ABC Officially Renews Grey’s Station and Anatomy 19 Spin-Off

The long-running and extremely popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has officially been renewed for its 18th season. Grey’s Anatomy will get a brand new season, with its Station 19 spin-off also being renewed for a 5th season. It’s unclear whether or not the upcoming 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy will be its last, but the future of the show is certainly up in the air. Krista Vernoff will return as executive producer and showrunner on both shows, with ABC Signature producing.  RELATED: Jesse Williams to Exit Grey’s Anatomy After 12 Seasons“Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy have done an incredible job of honoring real-life heroes by giving audiences an unflinching look at one of the biggest medical stories of our time,” said Craig Erwich, president, Hulu Originals & ABC Entertainment (via Deadline). “Krista and her team of writers have continued to deliver the compelling and compassionate storytelling that is a hallmark of these shows, and created some of the year’s most-talked-about moments in television. We’re so grateful to our talented casts and crews for their extraordinary work that connects with viewers everywhere, and we look forward to sharing even more defining moments with our fans next season.”Grey’s Anatomy is a high-intensity medical drama following Meredith Grey and the team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial, who are faced with life-or-death decisions daily. They seek comfort from one another and, at times, more than just friendship. Together they discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white.RELATED: Next Grey’s Anatomy Season Will Tackle COVID-19 PandemicThe series currently stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, and James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber, who are the remaining ones left from the original main cast from the first episode of the series. It also stars Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, and Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce.

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    CS Interview: Michael K. Williams on Body Brokers, F is for Family & More

    CS Interview: Michael K. Williams on Body Brokers, F is for Family & More

    CS Interview: Michael K. Williams on Body Brokers, F is for Family & more

    Just with time for the real crime drama’s digital debut, ComingSoon.net got the chance to speak to four-time Emmy nominee Michael K. Williams to discuss Body Brokers as well as his possible go back to the ultimate season of Netflix’s F is for Family and hopes for another season of HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

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    ComingSoon.net: Body Brokers is really a really interesting concept and it’s a field Personally i think is not actually explored all too often on film. Think about the project drew one to it?

    Michael K. Williams: I was pretty taken back that is actually predicated on real events. That is, for me the complete story and the poster child of capitalism benefiting from vulnerable people. Exactly the same mentality that individuals reveal in Body Brokers, if you ask me, may be the same mentality with for-profit prisons, like these institutions are designed to rehabilitate and help correct people’s wrongs plus they get exploited. It becomes more about filling the bed than helping people that are in those beds actually, it’s just sort of disheartening, for me. There was Wood then. Wood was an enormous draw for me personally. In most of the films or the stories that we’ve told or that I’ve seen that handle addicts or recovery, it’s implied that must be person puts down the drug or alcohol that most their problems disappear completely and that couldn’t be further from the reality. The drug isn’t the nagging problem, the drug is really a symptom of the issue and there’s a variety of character defects that continue to exist there once the drugs have died. If you ask me, Wood was an ideal exemplory instance of that.

    CS: Just what exactly sort of research did you’re conducting before you start filming, to obtain in tune with the story really?

    MKW: There wasn’t really much research which was needed. John Swab, for me, he did all of the groundwork for all of us. You know, for me personally at least, I simply needed to secure and search for the fact had been on the page. But Wood and the capitalists, it had been sort of black and white until it came time when we had to make a decision that involved Utah toward the end. Other than that, he’s much monochrome pretty, man. He’s a poster child for capitalists so when because the world was concerned far, everything you see on that and every frame of this movie, John Swab had wear it the page already.

    CS: What did you discover were a number of the biggest creative challenges for you personally then, addressing the center of Wood?

    MKW: I don’t know if it had been whatever was hard, but you’ll find out by me one of the most liberating scenes when he stomps that doctor out to death, when that guy is killed by him. That felt liberating for the reason that moment really, I understood where that rage is via to be looked down upon. It felt familiar and there is as soon as when he realized he cared also. He cared about Utah genuinely, if they had that conversation in the motor car, you know? That’s a lovely moment between Wood and Utah and Jack Kilmer really, man, he just brought this type of vulnerability and an honesty and a strength to Utah, it had been all right there in his eyes just, man. Those two moments were very liberating for me personally.

    Click to rent or purchase Body Brokers here!

    CS: Because you mention Jack, so a lot of the film really rides on the evolving chemistry that you two have collectively. That which was it like for you personally type of building that chemistry with Jack ahead of filming?

    MKW: It had been effortless, he and I, I believe we met on set. In the event that you get to speak to him ever, he could be effortless to, you understand, I can’t explain it certainly, but like we say in Brooklyn, real recognize real. He’s a genuine young man. You understand, we met on set and we finished up actually, once we together worked, we begun to go out then. It had been a flow, like we hung out a bit in Tulsa and I got eventually to know him off the set. That happened again, like I said, directly after we started working, so he brings this energy to the set that you look him in his eyes and there’s nothing that should be said. You understand where you will need to visit connect because he’s all of the real way inside it and truly, I enjoy dealing with him really, enjoy it really.

    CS: That’s fantastic. That which was it like then building the chemistry with Frank Grillo also? You two don’t together have way too many scenes, however the chemistry you do have in those few scenes is actually intriguing to view.

    MKW: I really like the bond between – I forget Frank’s character’s name at this time, but I really like the dynamic because directly after we see Wood lose his temper and make reference to his old ways, we see when he’s speaking with Frank Grillo’s character, suddenly the person becomes the kid now. You know, there is this moment when they’re talking in the parking lot and Wood is asking him how to proceed with your body and you also could start to see the change in Wood’s energy, like Frank’s character became the fixer and Wood became the bright-eyed, the wide-eyed kid who would have to be told how to proceed. Frank brings this plain thing, he’s got this sinister-ness to him, but he offers you this assurance that likely to be fine everything’s. He brought that vernacular, effortless again, i was presented with by him what I had a need to shift. Because we have to visit a shift in Wood at that true point. We didn’t have many scenes together, we had like really, I think that certain really, but yeah, I needed that. What he taken to the table, I needed that for my shift, also it was an excellent exchange of energy, great.

    CS: Most of the shooting locations, too, in the film interested me, it appeared like some of it had been in LA here, but then a few of it seemed type of ambiguous concerning where it had been really. MAY I am told by you what shooting on a number of the locations was like?

    MKW: The majority of the film, I believe, I recall was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I really believe that’s where John Swab is from, and that’s an extremely forgotten city for a variety of reasons. The opioid epidemic there ran rapid, if you remember when among those pharma companies had to repay all those huge amount of money or trillions of dollars or billions, whatever, but I believe Johnson & Johnson made the payout for the opioid, the epidemic, if they caught them going and coming. That money visited the populous city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Which means you know, to start to see the city appearing out of that and there are a great number of people hurting themselves for the reason that city, and you will start to see the city attempting to come from that whenever we were filming back. That has been really humbling to see. What blew my mind, what really dropped me to my knees was sitting on the corner of Greenwood actually, Pine and archer that is where Black Wall Street was, and knowing what happened there. I don’t know once you learn this, but we were filming – I filmed Body Brokers while I was on break from filming Lovecraft Country, So to possess that connection with likely to Tulsa to inform a complete story such as this, like Body Brokers, in a city like Tulsa, to really have the possibility to see where in fact the ancestors used to call home and what it appears like now, I can’t put it into words really, electrifying, maybe. A whole large amount of emotion. I would like to be clear, they’re returning. The spirit of the social people is alive and you also see that. They may down be, however they ain’t out. The social people, the spirit of individuals in Tulsa, Whites and blacks, you can view the fight to them, man. That city is on the mend and I wish to make that clear just. I saw that, it had been very humbling to start to see the fight that has been for the reason that city still.

    CS: That’s incredible. Because it is mentioned by you, Lovecraft Country ended lately using its first season and there’s been lots of – personally, I’m hopeful for another season, but we just heard word that the writers are searching for a possible path for future years still. Is it possible to see yourself coming for more back, in case a path was found by them for Montrose?

    MKW: Yeah, you understand, it’s plenty of we’ll need to wait and see. But if there’s a very important factor I’ve learned in Hollywood, is they never tell never say. [Laughs] But yeah, you understand, I possibly could see me going if things aligned and the paths were still aligned back. You understand, that show took 3 years to write, so I’m not soon expecting anything anytime. By the proper time these were prepared to start casting actors, those writers have previously given two . 5 years of these life in the writers’ room. I possibly could be wrong, but I believe it will be very ambitious folks being an audience to anticipate another season immediately. I possibly could be wrong, I don’t know.

    CS: Sure. I could appreciate that. For my final question, we also heard back October that F is for Family could be coming back for just one more season and I’m curious if Bill Burr has already reached out for you to possess you keep coming back as Smokey for just about any more episodes in the ultimate season?

    MKW: [In Smokey’s Voice] Damn, they would like to hear that Smokey could be coming back? I don’t know, motherfucker, I hear he could back be coming. He might, he may, he could back be coming. One mo’ time, one mo’ time. [Laughs] I heard rumors that there’s likely to be another season and I really do hear that.

    CS: That might be awesome to see you keep coming back for the reason that role because that’s one of the best side characters on that show.

    MKW: I believe you standalone because that’d be among the funniest things I’ve ever done that no-one knows about, therefore i mean, day that you even understand what that’s because like this really made my, nobody in my own house knows. [Laughs]

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    and directed by John Swab

    Written, Body Brokers is predicated on a genuine centers and story on a drug addict who’s brought to LA for treatment, but soon learns the procedure center isn’t designed to help people but rather acts as a coverup for a fraud operation enlisting addicts to recruit other addicts.

    The ensemble cast for the film includes Jack Kilmer (The Nice Guys), Williams, Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day), Alice Englert (Them That Follow), Peter Greene (The Mask), Frank Grillo (Boss Level), Melissa Leo (I Know ANYWHERE NEAR THIS MUCH is True) and Thomas Dekker (Miss Bala)

    Body Brokers is on digital platforms and VOD now, the initial season of Lovecraft Country is open to stream on HBO Max and the initial four seasons of F is for Family are open to now stream on Netflix!

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