Monday, August 8, 2022

I Am Groot Release Date & Time on Disney+

The I Am Groot release date is near. Disney+ will soon debut […] The post I Am Groot Release Date & Time on Disney+ appeared first on

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    iCloud locked out a user over her last name allegedly

    iCloud has already established the casual service issue, but its latest problem highly is apparently… specific. Actor and author Rachel True claims iCloud has effectively locked her out of her account because of the way her last name was written. Reportedly, her Mac thought lower-case “true” was a Boolean (true or false) flag, leading the iCloud software using the pc to seize up. The nagging problem has persisted for over half a year, she said.

    True said she’d spent hours speaking with customer support, and that Apple hadn’t stopped charging her for service. She could switch to the free tier, although she’d also lose the majority of her online storage if she did. 

    We’ve asked Apple for comment.

    This can be a rare flaw if it works as described. Even though you share the final name True (or False, for example), you’d need to type it a particular solution to reproduce the issue. Still, it increases the question of how MacOS could mistake a genuine name for a software flag to begin with. At least it generally does not appear to react to direct commands – if you should get yourself a name change if your surname is “rm rf,” to be on the safe side just.

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