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Evil Dead: The Game Cover Story – Raising Hell

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games are targeting the asymmetrical horror genre for a battle between demons and survivors, but it’s quite different than other creature feature forays on the market. In Evil Dead: The Game, don’t expect to find the human heroes cowering in corners or attempting to flee – this 4v1 fear festival takes the fight directly to the forces of evil, hacking enemies in half and blowing them to pieces. In 1981, Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead made a grisly splash onto the horror scene, featuring what’s become an almost formulaic setup: Five unfortunate friends head out to a cabin in the woods for a good time, and then, spoiler alert, good times are not had. The idyllic journey into the country turns into a bloody massacre, spurred on by an ancient evil book known as the Necronomicon. I remember I first saw the movie in a time when villains like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers fought for dominance over our grade-school nightmares. The film offered the terrifying simplicity of facing your friends after they become possessed undead. It gloried in the sheer, unflinching willingness to lean into the intimate, grim goriness of it all, and the experience left a strong impression. Interestingly enough, it’s possible that The Evil Dead wouldn’t have had the chance to thrive without horror maestro Stephen King’s praise. After seeing it out of competition at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, King wrote a rave review, leading to New Line Cinema picking the film up for distribution. The movie has gone down as a cult classic and had plenty of influence within the horrorsphere. But Bruce Campell’s portrayal of character Ash Williams has undeniably become the campy, comical face of the otherwise incredibly macabre franchise, infusing the gruesome themes and blood splatters with a hefty dose of comedic quips and one-liners. Multiple films followed the original, including Evil Dead 2 and the completely off-the-wall Army of Darkness, where Ash travels back to medieval times to fight the titular demonic forces. In more modern times, the series has had both a soft reboot and a TV series, with yet another film, Evil Dead Rise, scheduled to hit this year. And then, of course, there’s Saber Interactive’s upcoming game. Read more...

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    Russia is using online disinformation to trash rival COVID-19 vaccines

    Russia’s internet disinformation efforts extend well beyond election interference. STATE DEPT. officials speaking with the Wall Street Journal say Russia is owning a disinformation campaign using at the very least four online publications and a bunch of social media marketing accounts to shake confidence in COVID-19 vaccines competing with Sputnik-V. The outlets New Eastern Outlook , News Front , Oriental Review and Rebel Inside all cast unfounded doubts on vaccines like Pfizer’s, falsely calling mRNA delivery a “radical experimental technology” that has been dangerous and less effective.

    All sites are “directly” linked with Russian agencies just like the FSB security service and SVR foreign intelligence, in accordance with one US official. Social accounts associated with those publications have already been pulled mostly, although some of these non-English accounts were active as as early 2021 recently. 

    The constant state Department acknowledged the conclusions in a statement to the WSJ , but didn’t supply direct evidence linking the websites to the Russian government. This is a “joint interagency” discovering that Russia bore “direct responsibility” for spreading falsehoods, the representative said. Russia denied the allegations in its response, but it addittionally includes a long history of denying misinformation and hacking campaigns despite strong evidence.

    Russian leaders have a solid incentive to attack rival vaccines. The united states is hoping to improve sales of Sputnik-V clearly, but it is also thought to be utilizing the vaccine to exert influence worldwide. A national country ready to buy these shots may be receptive to other Russian deals, for instance.

    There’s very little the US can perform to turn off the websites themselves when they’re foreign-owned and operated. Nonetheless, the findings could easily increase strain on the US government and internet sites to crack down on vaccine misinformation. Similar to conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, the bogus vaccine claims could possibly be dangerous genuinely, leading visitors to skip life-saving shots or attack agencies distributing and promoting vaccinations even.

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