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Date A Live Movie, ARIA The Animation, and More Coming to Funimation

Funimation has announced a host of new content coming to […] The post Date A Live Movie, ARIA The Animation, and More Coming to Funimation appeared first on

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    Kia showcases the EV6, the initial vehicle predicated on its new electric platform

    Kia has given us a shadowy look at its soon-to-be-launched electric vehicle, the EV6, that is the automaker’s first model in line with the E-GMP platform. The ongoing company has published several teaser photos of the model, so when Autoblog notes, the silhouette is showed by them of a four-door crossover with curved lines and stylized LED lights. Back January kia first teased the EV6, when it revealed its plans to ship seven electric vehicles by 2027 so when it officially dropped “Motors” from its name within its efforts to become company that creates “sustainable mobility options.”

    Kia teases EV6, its first dedicated EV


    the E-GMP is shared by

    The automaker platform using its part-owner, the Hyundai Motor Group. Far thus, almost all their EVs have been adapter from existing platforms, however the E-GMP shall permit them to build their very own electric models from the bottom up. Vehicles built on the E-GMP will be with the capacity of charging at either 400V or 800V. They have a variety of about 500 kilometers (310 miles) and also charge “80 percent in only 18 minutes” having the ability to add 100 km (62 miles) of driving range in a matter of five minutes to be plugged in. Also, they’ll have bidirectional charging capability, permitting them to draw power from the grid or empty their batteries’ power back again to the grid during peak usage hours. Hyundai’s recently launched Ioniq 5 can be in line with the E-GMP and, with the EV6, is among the 23 upcoming models which will be built together with the platform.

    Along with teasing the EV6, Kia has revealed its new naming scheme for electric vehicles also. Going forward, all of the automaker’s fully electric models begins with the prefix “EV” accompanied by lots that corresponds to the car’s position in the lineup. Autoblog says Kia will launch the EV6 on March 15th, which means you won’t need to wait that long to see what the automobile actually appears like.

    Kia teases EV6, its first dedicated EV


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