Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Final Fantasy 14 Housing Lottery Is Finally Fixed

Final Fantasy XIV’s housing lottery is finally fixed after one month of being broken.  On April 16, an FFXIV maintenance update indicated that the latest lottery cycle for housing in-game was broken, so when checking the placard where winners were to be shown, the placard said there were no winners. This meant nobody could obtain a house. Polygon reports the issue has been fixed as of yesterday, and now, winning lottery numbers will be displayed correctly, and land purchases may be finalized accordingly.  “As I mentioned in our previous update, we will be conducting maintenance to restore lottery results data on Monday, May 16,” FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida writes in a new update. “This maintenance will fix identified errors and properly relay lottery results for affected plots to the appropriate servers.” As a result of this maintenance fix:  Winning lottery numbers will be displayed correctly, and land purchases may be finalized accordingly. Temporary suspensions imposed on plot purchases and relocations will be lifted.  Yoshida says that if you have a winning lottery number, you should finalize your land purchase by Thursday, May 26, as the next lottery cycle will begin that day, at which point, you will lose the ability to claim land you won during the current lottery. The next one will start on May 26 and have a typical five-day entry period and a four-day results period.  If you’re a winning participant who has already received a gil refund due to the recent lottery break, you will still be able to finalize a purchase on a won plot of land. Even if you received a refund and have since found out you won the lottery, you’ll still be treated as a winning lottery player.  “In Patch 6.2, we plan to implement an NPC by which you may voluntarily return the deposit you were accidentally refunded,” Yoshida writes. “As these housing lottery issues have been significant and caused great stress and frustration in many players, we have no intention of performing a data rollback to forcibly rescind any refunded gil. We will make an announcement regarding the voluntary return of housing deposits once the NPC in question is ready to be implemented.  “In closing, I would like to thank you all once again for your patience and understanding this past month, and extend my deepest apologies for the trouble and inconvenience these issues have caused. We will do everything in our power to safely restore your data, fix any remaining issues, and bring you all a fair and functional housing lottery system. Thank you for your continued support.”  For more FFXIV, read our exclusive interview feature with Yoshi-P, and then read Game Informer’s Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker review. Read Game Informer’s ranking of every mainline Final Fantasy game after that.  [Source: Polygon] Are you a Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery winner? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Tag Heuer's Connected watch has its wellness app now

    With the promise of more style than other wearOS devices, Tag Heuer’s Connected smartwatches are surprisingly popular taking into consideration the elevated prices. Now, the Swiss manufacturer has unveiled its wellness app app to create its devices more useful (and exclusive). In addition, it updated its Golf edition watch with improved 3D mapping along with other useful features for golfers. 

    The business emphasized the “beautifully presented” and “stylish” nature of the app, commensurate with just how it markets its smartwatches. Otherwise, it provides regular fitness features like continuous heartrate monitoring, alongside key metrics just like the true amount of steps, calories burned and exercise intensity. It shows granular information like peak exercise also, cardio and fat burn. A fresh Wellness tab shows your progress and goals as time passes to assist you stay motivated ,and you may also check your stats and visit a weekly summary of one’s goals on the Wellness smartphone app. 

    Tag Heuer unveils a wellness app for its Connected watch

    Tag Heuer

    Tag Heuer launched some new features because of its Golf Edition watch, too. Those include updated 3D and 2D maps with an increase of details, including forests and single trees even. In addition, it updated its iOS app using Apple’s SceneKit “to help make the 3D renderings more descriptive than ever.” The ongoing company notes that the graphics “recall the visuals seen on telecasts of professional tournaments,” specially the shot tracer tech that presents a 3D view of drives along with other shots. 

    Other new features on the Golf Edition include club recommendation predicated on distance as well as your own club settings, alongside enhanced scoring for stroke, match and stableford play. It includes faster Bluetooth synchronization and a smoother overall experience also, Tag Heuer said. As the Golf Edition is really a unique model with a dimple-patterned white and green rubber strap and black titanium case, the Golf app works on other Connected watches. The Golf Edition costs $2,550 as the Connected watch starts at $1,800 with a steel case and black elastic band. 

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