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Horizon Forbidden West: Meet The Cast Of Guerrilla Games’ Upcoming RPG In New Trailer

We’re closing in on the release of Horizon Forbidden West and PlayStation is releasing more and more about the game. Yesterday, Guerrilla Games released a new Forbidden West story trailer, and you can check out some exclusive details we learned about it after talking to the team, and now the studio has released a special “meet the cast” trailer. It begins with an introduction to protagonist Aloy’s voice actor, Ashly Burch, who explains that Aloy had to step into a new role as the hero of the world. She also touches on the more adversarial aspect of Aloy and Sylens’ relationship. And speaking of Sylens, Lance Reddick is returning to voice the character last seen in the post-credits scene at the end of Horizon Zero Dawn. He talks about Sylens’ egomaniac personality and how that shapes his relationships in Forbidden West.  Click here to watch embedded media We also meet Kotallo’s voice actor, Noshir Dalal. Both newcomers to the series, Kotallo encounters Aloy at a time when his life is in major crisis. Kotallo’s chief envisions a peaceful alliance in the Forbidden West and it’s Kotallo’s mission to champion his chief’s cause. Joining Kotallo as a new character in the world of Horizon is Tilda, who is voiced by Matrix alumn Carrie-Anne Moss.  “I play this very interesting character named Tilda who is quite a dynamic character,” Moss says in the trailer. “As an artist, there’s a lot of freedom in doing something like this. You get to be in the moment, getting thrown direction from the director, getting to try it over and over again; I felt like creatively, it was a lot of fun. There’s a lot of mystery to her – I don’t want to say too much – but she’s an interesting character and I loved playing her.” Next up is Varl, voiced by John Macmillan. As Macmillan notes, Varl has been on a “heck of a journey.” He says the writers did a great job of evolving the character in Forbidden West as he’s more mature and more willing to challenge Aloy when needed. Erend, voiced by John Hopkins, is back too. He talks about Aloy’s disappearance at the end of Zero Dawn, which sets up a fractured relationship at the start of Forbidden West. Macmillan and Hopkins said their relationship as Varl and Erend evolved quite a lot in the game as the two are the new main allies of Aloy.  We also get a few glimpses at some new concept art for Forbidden West, which you can view below:  Click image thumbnails to view larger version                                                                                                               While waiting for Horizon Forbidden West to hit PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18, read what Guerrilla Games had to say about the game’s latest story trailer and then head to Game Informer’s Horizon Forbidden West hub, which features all kinds of new details from this month’s cover story. Read our thoughts on the first game in Game Informer’s Horizon Zero Dawn review after that.  Are you excited for Horizon Forbidden West? Let us know in the comments below!

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    The very best smart lights for the bedroom

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    Getting up to the sound of a blaring alarm could be jarring, when you have to achieve this in pitch black especially. That’s why some individuals have considered devices that mimic the arrival of daylight as a gentler solution to stir from slumber. So-called sunrise or wake-up-light clocks typically begin with a dim light and gradually brighten to full brightness to be able to match your body’s circadian rhythms. For those who have trouble getting up particularly, you almost certainly do need an alarm still, however the sunrise light should at the very least ensure it is easier.

    There are many products out there which have this feature; some are alarm clocks, some are smart displays, while some are programmable lights simply. Some only have sunrise features, while some have sunset features too (where in fact the lights gradually dim and go dark), that could help you to get to settle the initial place.

    Sunrise and wake-up clocks

    <img src=" " alt =" Philips SmartSleep Connected Wake-Up and Sleep

    Philips Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light


    Philips sells a complete selection of sunrise alarm clocks, and the main one with whistles and bells may be the SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light. You may use a companion app to program your sunrise and sunset times along with set different alarms for different days of the week. It is possible to too do this manually, however the app helps it be a whole lot easier. You may use the app for logging your sleep and wake times. The SmartSleep offers several alarm sounds also, customizable sunrise themes and a red-tinted light setting that’s more soothing compared to the default white light.

    Furthermore, you’ll find specialized sunset features which will help you wind down before bed. The light could be set to dim as time passes gradually, and it includes relaxation cues like breathing exercises and calming sounds, like rainfall and ocean waves. As an additional benefit, the SmartSleep HF3670 has sensors for humidity also, noise and light levels, and the app shall inform you if you want to adjust them to attain ideal sleeping conditions.

    For a cheaper and more stripped-down option, consider Philips’ $100 Wake-Up Light HF3520. It lacks WiFi capabilities so there’s no companion app also it doesn’t have the extra relaxation settings of the SmartSleep, nonetheless it includes that red-tinted light setting still, alongside similar sunset and sunrise features and a good selection of alarm sounds.

    Buy Smart Sleep light at Amazon – $180 Buy Wake-up light at Amazon – $100

    Hatch Restore

    Hatch Restore


    If addressing sleep is really as challenging as getting up just, or even more so, you may want to consider the Hatch Restore, which brings a number of sleep-friendly features. It has Bluetooth and WiFi, which you can use to connect to a companion app. That app in turn lets you customize your sunrise and sunset routines as well as set different alarms for different days. On top of that, the Hatch Restore has several color lighting options that range between Warm White to Raspberry and Peach.

    True to its name, the Restore has various wind-down features which could help you drift off easier. It has over 31 sleep sounds to block unwanted noise, along with a library of over 50 meditations and eight sleep stories. The caveat is that the meditations and stories aren’t free here. Hatch shall offer owners a free trial of the full library for six months, nonetheless it costs $5 a month or $50 a year thereafter. That said, in the event that you wanted an all-in-one machine to greatly help address your wake and sleep issues, the Hatch Restore will probably be worth a look.

    Buy Hatch Restore at Amazon – $130

    Smart display clocks

    Lenovo Smart Clock


    Lenovo Smart Clock

    all smart displays involve some sort of sunrise alarm feature

    Almost, those that are made to sit on your nightstand especially. The Lenovo Smart Clock is among our favorites, even though it lacks lots of the usual smart display features just like the capability to play videos. That’s because it’s adorable, won’t use up plenty of space and it’s affordable, on top of that. Plus, it includes eight different clock faces, six alarm tones and you may smack the very best of it to either snooze or dismiss the alarm. When enabled, the sunrise alarm will brighten the display for half an hour prior to the set time gradually.

    Since it’s a Google-powered device, in addition, it works with all of the usual Google Assistant features like letting you know the five-day weather forecast or your upcoming appointments. It surfaces reminders of future offers plus events to create alarms which means you don’t miss them. You should use it to show your Google Photos also it works together with other smart home devices you may own, like Philips Hue lights or perhaps a Nest Hello video doorbell.

    Buy Lenovo Smart Clock at Best Buy – $80

    Google Nest Hub

    Google Nest Hub


    As stated, the Lenovo Smart Clock is more of really , well, a clock when compared to a smart display. Should you choose want more of the smart display, the Google Nest Hub is really a far better bet. It has every one of the top features of the Lenovo Smart Clock and some. The screen is colorful and sharp, making it ideal for displaying photographs and for watching videos. The on-screen controls certainly are a many more intuitive also, with shortcuts to your smart home devices as well as your favorite YouTube videos.

    The sunrise alarm on the Nest Hub is more customizable also. You could have the screen brighten similar to the Smart Clock gradually, but you may also have it in order that a soothing “pre-alarm” sound plays because the sunrise alarm begins. When you have smart lights installed, you could have those lights brighten aswell gradually. Lastly, it is possible to adjust the sunrise alarm window from five to half an hour anywhere.

    Buy Google Nest Hub at Best Buy – $90

    Amazon Echo Show 5

    Amazon Echo Show 5


    If however you use other Amazon products like Ring cameras or Alexa-powered microwave ovens, the Echo Show 5 may be an improved choice. The screen is colorful and bright, it includes a stylish streamlined design, also it can display photographs just like the Nest Hub just. Additionally, it may play videos from sources such as for example Amazon and Hulu Prime Video, and contains an integral browser for surfing the net. Unlike the Nest Hub, the Echo Show 5 has a camera, that will be disconcerting if you don’t want a camera by your bedside. At the same time, this does mean the Echo Show 5 is with the capacity of video calls, that your Nest Hub isn’t.

    The Echo Show 5 works being an noisy alarms nicely, with several clock faces and the capability to tap the very best of it going to snooze. There’s a sunrise alarm feature aswell, which brightens the display a quarter-hour prior to the set time slowly. Unfortunately, the sunrise feature on the Echo Show is really a little more limited than its rivals, since it only works once the alarm is defined between 4am and 9 am. But if that ongoing works for you personally and you’re an Alexa fan, the Echo Show 5 will probably be worth considering.

    Buy Echo Show 5 at Amazon – $65

    Other smart light choices

    Casper Glow


    Casper Glow

    The Casper Glow is really a unique lighting device that may be programmed with a companion app to brighten at specific times as being a sunrise clock, except, well, there’s no clock at all. Plus, there aren’t any speakers, so that it can’t either play alarm sounds. Instead, it’s really more of a portable smart lamp. It could be used as a late-night reading light before bed also. (It’ll gradually dim over half an hour.)

    Yet, the Glow has several innovative features which make it stand out. The Glow is portable highly, and will be held in a single hand easily. Turning it on or off is really a matter of flipping it over. It is possible to twist it or counterclockwise to regulate its brightness clockwise. Night it is possible to lift it at, give it a shake, and it’ll emit a soft glow that’s bright enough to help you by way of a dark hallway. When you have two Casper Glow lights, they could be had by you synchronized to show on or off at exactly the same time. And, because it runs on rechargeable batteries, it could be utilized by you as emergency lights in case of a blackout.

    The Glow is typically not a great choice if you want more than only a bright light to wake you up. But When you have an existing noisy alarms already, or you like making use of your phone for the alarm just, the Glow is actually a nice addition to your nightstand.

    Buy Glow Light at Casper – $130

    Philips Hue smart lights

    Philips Hue


    Programmable smart lights just like the Philips Hue bulbs are another solution to assist you to sleep and awaken a bit more easily. Plus, certain white and color ambiance lights offer color temperatures that mimic day light, that assist you naturally sleep more. After that you can create routines within the companion app which will either slowly start the lights each day or gradually turn them off during the night. Needless to say, the Philips Hue lights may be used in other lighting scenarios too; during the night or when you’re out of our home you could have them automatically seriously. Plus, Hue bulbs are appropriate for every smart assistant on the market nearly, so turning on or off the lights is really as easy as telling Google, Siri or alexa to take action.

    Buy Philips Hue smart lights set at Amazon – $180

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