Monday, September 20, 2021

Sega Drops Teaser Trailer for New RPG Debuting at TGS

Ahead of the 2021 Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced that […] The post Sega Drops Teaser Trailer for New RPG Debuting at TGS appeared first on

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    Has been connected to a Handspring Visor for reasons uknown twitter

    In a curiosity that attracts all seven individuals who still have an operating Handspring Visor PDA, Gizmodo highlights that developer Jorge Cohen spent some time working out a remedy bringing Twitter to the PalmOS device via its HotSync cradle. Sure it’s “kinda buggy,” but like watching Tenet on a casino game Boy Advance, some issues can slide considering it’s running on a tool released back 1999. How old may be the Visor? Inside a year of Engadget’s launch, we were already writing and submitting articles concerning the “old” device back 2005.

    The Visor appeared as a spinoff of the Palm family way before social media marketing sites connected the planet and also before WiFi or cellular connections were a typical feature. While modems were available as a hardware option that connected to the device’s expansion slot as a backpack, it had been built for an offline world – I’d download the day’s news stories on mine before I left for class each morning rather than get any longer updates until I returned at night. The year 2000 in, that still worked in an effort to stay well ahead on the day’s news without having to be linked with a radio or TV.

    Now the blessing/curse of real-time information flow has invaded this monochrome device even, proving that nothing can stay pure forever and giving me grounds to determine where I put the handheld’s dock. Unfortunately, this madman won’t stop there – the MessagePad 120 and Apple Newton are next.

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