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Evil Dead: The Game Cover Story – Raising Hell

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games are targeting the asymmetrical horror genre for a battle between demons and survivors, but it’s quite different than other creature feature forays on the market. In Evil Dead: The Game, don’t expect to find the human heroes cowering in corners or attempting to flee – this 4v1 fear festival takes the fight directly to the forces of evil, hacking enemies in half and blowing them to pieces. In 1981, Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead made a grisly splash onto the horror scene, featuring what’s become an almost formulaic setup: Five unfortunate friends head out to a cabin in the woods for a good time, and then, spoiler alert, good times are not had. The idyllic journey into the country turns into a bloody massacre, spurred on by an ancient evil book known as the Necronomicon. I remember I first saw the movie in a time when villains like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers fought for dominance over our grade-school nightmares. The film offered the terrifying simplicity of facing your friends after they become possessed undead. It gloried in the sheer, unflinching willingness to lean into the intimate, grim goriness of it all, and the experience left a strong impression. Interestingly enough, it’s possible that The Evil Dead wouldn’t have had the chance to thrive without horror maestro Stephen King’s praise. After seeing it out of competition at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, King wrote a rave review, leading to New Line Cinema picking the film up for distribution. The movie has gone down as a cult classic and had plenty of influence within the horrorsphere. But Bruce Campell’s portrayal of character Ash Williams has undeniably become the campy, comical face of the otherwise incredibly macabre franchise, infusing the gruesome themes and blood splatters with a hefty dose of comedic quips and one-liners. Multiple films followed the original, including Evil Dead 2 and the completely off-the-wall Army of Darkness, where Ash travels back to medieval times to fight the titular demonic forces. In more modern times, the series has had both a soft reboot and a TV series, with yet another film, Evil Dead Rise, scheduled to hit this year. And then, of course, there’s Saber Interactive’s upcoming game. Read more...

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    April 8 borderlands 3’s variety-packed Director’s Cut DLC hits

    You’ve before heard this, nonetheless it bears repeating: each and every gaming launch is really a minor miracle. So many decisions need to be made. So much content needs to be completed. So many variables need to belong to place perfectly. For massive triple-A titles like Borderlands 3, releasing your final product requires years of perseverance and dedication. Increasingly, though, launch isn’t the finish – it’s only the start.

    While Borderlands 3 isn’t technically a “live service” game, we’ve treated it therefore to make certain that every week it’s an improved game than it had been the week before. To help keep this looter shooter thriving and alive, we’ve relied on the passion and determination of our incredible development teams, who’ve kept development happening contrary to the backdrop of a pandemic that fundamentally changed the true way we had a need to work.

    this week

    Later, more than 1 . 5 years because the base game launched on PlayStation 4, on April 8 we intend to release the Director’s Cut add-on for Borderlands 3, introducing a fresh raid boss, a number of murder mystery missions, new weekly and daily challenges via Vault Cards, and a cache of never-before-seen, behind the scenes content, not forgetting new Legendary gear and cosmetic items. To mark the occasion, we wished to look back at everything we’ve released since launch and pull back the curtain on which it takes to help keep a triple-A game feeling fresh. 

    <p speaking, we’ve been guided by three major goals since launch. First, to keep to polish and enhance the game by addressing reported performance issues. Second, to make an effort to maintain a balanced experience in order that build diversity could flourish at the end-game. And lastly, to deliver a number of new content, whether free or within a paid campaign DLC, at a frequent cadence.

    That first goal may be the most simple of the three. Just about any single week since launch (up to this week), we’ve released a hotfix to regulate this content that’s already available. We’ve added numerous standard of living improvements also, such as for example more backpack and bank space, expanded ammo storage, and performance and UI improvements. In effort to be transparent, update notes can be found on borderlands always.com.

    Yes, several updates saw us remove power from over-performing skills or gear, but more often far, we buffed characters and gear. We made most of these noticeable changes with the purpose of improving the long-term health of the Borderlands 3 experience. We wish that experience to feel both challenging and rewarding always. Right from the start, it has been our guiding light when approaching the adjustments we’ve designed to the total amount of the overall game.

    While these weekly updates often stem from our very own internal play-testing and the direction of our live team, they in the same way derive from fan feedback often. Have you wondered ever, “Do developers actually read their games’ subreddits?” Well, the solution is: yes, needless to say! We read those critiques, as those comments are known by us result from probably the most passionate members of our community.

    Those weekly adjustments keep us busy plenty, however the real work – and the true joy of Borderlands 3 – originates from that third goal: releasing a number of new content. So when I say variety, I must say i, mean it really. Year after launch in the initial, we released four story-driven campaign add-ons that ranged from the cosmic horror rom-com to a gritty western tale to an area casino super heist to a journey in to the broken psyche of a psycho. From then on, the Designer’s premiered by us Cut add-on, which added new spin of the Borderlands formula with Arms Race entirely, and also a new skill tree for every of our four Vault Hunters. 

    And that has been the paid content just. Furthermore, we released a wide array of free additions, again leaning in to the variety a game like Borderlands 3 allows. We overhauled the ultimate end game loop with Mayhem Mode 2.0; we challenged high-level players with the intense and original Takedowns; and we gave the complete community new reasons to play as well as rewarding seasonal events like Revenge of the Cartels and Bloody Harvest. We even gave players a genuine way to donate to real-world scientific research with Borderlands Science, a casino game within the overall game that helps map the human gut biome (we were all pretty pleased with that certain).

    Maybe our biggest free addition, though, november was the PlayStation 5 upgrade that launched last, right alongside the console itself. In case a PlayStation is owned by you 5 and a copy of Borderlands 3 for PS4, it is possible to download the next-gen upgrade free of charge, enabling frame rates as high as 60 fps in 4K resolution during online and single-player co-op. The upgrade also adds local split-screen co-op for four players and support for a few of the PS5’s unique immersive capabilities like Adaptive Triggers, Game Help, and Spoiler Block. To us, building towards this moment felt like launching again the overall game all over, nonetheless it was really worth your time and effort.

    Just what exactly does all this take? Where do ideas result from? Just how do decisions get made and content created? They are big questions, however the email address details are ultimately pretty simple: it requires dedication and effort. Ideas everywhere come from. For the campaign DLCs, the complete Borderlands team was asked to pitch any basic idea they liked. Those that sparked probably the most enthusiasm were selected and created ultimately. Other times, it may be only a simple conversation between a couple of developers – that’s just how Arms Race originally had become. Then needless to say the grouped community has turned into a huge area of the development process; features just like the upcoming anointment re-roll machine certainly are a direct consequence of our community’s input.

    In plenty of ways, we feel lucky extremely. The massive scope and flexible tone of Borderlands 3 have allowed us to explore all sorts of ideas, including plenty that could have already been deemed too outlandish for other triple-A titles probably. Whether it’s a narrative premise or perhaps a new gameplay hook, we’ve been in a position to make our ideas work within the context of the universe. That freedom has been crucial not merely to maintaining our very own passion for the overall game internally also for keeping the knowledge fresh and engaging for the city.

    If you’re section of that community now or have already been at any point during the past: many thanks. We have been so grateful you’ve seriously this journey around and given our ideas the opportunity.

    We’ve also got a fresh content add-on, Director’s Cut, april 8 dropping, the year along with more in-game events scheduled through the rest of. (Remember you should own a copy of the bottom game to be able to play our content add-ons.) We’re not now stopping, so there’s been an improved time and energy to jump never. See you on the market, Vault Hunters! 

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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