Monday, April 12, 2021

Destiny 2: Season 14 Iron Banner Weapons Revealed

Earlier today, we talked about the various nerfs that are being implemented in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen ahead of season 14 on the horizon. The reason behind the wide swath of nerfs is that the studio is bringing in a ton of new weapons and gear for the upcoming season, and the team is making preemptive changes to ensure that those arrivals fit right in. While we don't know even a small portion of what's on the way, Bungie did reveal the new Season 14 Iron Banner weapons on the way to help ease the blow of the most recent nerfs. Iron Banner is slated to kick off one last time in Season of the Chosen on April 13 at 10 a.m. Pacific until April 20 at the same time. This will be the final Iron Banner before season 14, so get in there if you still need to complete the Iron Sharpens Iron Seasonal Challenge. Saladin also offers weekly bounties that are great for leveling, especially for those trying to get to 1325 for Grandmaster Nightfalls.  Regarding what's next, here's our first look at the new weapons on the way for the upcoming season:  The Hand Cannon and Sniper Rifle, seen above, will be familiar for dedicated Guardians, but there will also be brand new weapons joining as well. "Our goals moving forward are to continue bringing some Year-1 weapons up to speed with random rolls, but also bringing some new rewards into the fold when possible," said Bungie in its most recent update. "This always depends a bit on what resources we have for a given season, but we’re looking forward to a few new Iron Banner-themed tools for your arsenal." There will be new armor in Iron Banner as well, but the studio isn't ready to share that first look quite yet since it won't be ready to debut for a few more seasons.  I'm interested in seeing how the new weapons operate, given the recent meta changes. It's nice to see a blend of returning favorites and new weapons. While I like that Bungie keeps bringing back familiar items, it does get a little exhausting when returning gear takes a priority of brand-new weapons and armor. What do you think about our first look at the new weapons for Destiny 2: Season 14 Iron Banner? Sound off with your hopes and Guardian-driven dreams in the comment section below! 

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    Oddworld: Soulstorm – Review HAPPENING

    Oddworld: Soulstorm launched today, and you’re wondering where our review is most likely. We didn’t get our code until late yesterday afternoon, so I’m quite definitely playing it still. For the time being, I figured I’d give some early impressions of the overall game.far I’m enjoying Soulstorm

    So, due to the fact it immediately addresses my primary issue with both original Abe’s Oddysee and its own remake, New ‘n’ Tasty!: the stiff platforming. Soulstorm feels more fluid far; Abe includes a double jump even, that is good because Soulstorm begins having an intense, fast-paced platforming gauntlet. I really like getting the confidence to perform just, grab, and climb platforms without needing to take into account the controls just as much nearly. The game gets the same general control scheme still, but I had less issues performing basic actions like aiming and tossing items far. 

    I haven’t had to be able to mess around with the brand new crafting system all that much. I’ve, however, become engrossed with completing badges surprisingly. These achievement tiers for completing actions like finding secret collecting or areas bottles aren’t probably the most robust addition, but they put in a fun little incentive for poking around levels more thoroughly.  Making your way around Sligs is mainly fun still, though it’s occasionally a frustrating exercise of learning from your errors as you find out the proper way to sneak past, distract, or trap them. A meter that indicates their alert status helps a whole lot. Now, you understand how much you’re triggering them so when they’ll forget Abe and reset their patrols. 

    I’m playing on PS5, and the overall game looks perfectly fine with regards to graphical fidelity but don’t expect it to knock you off the feet. That said, Oddworld’s weird art direction shines through delightfully, and it’s cool to see these familiar weirdos look better still than they did in New ‘n’ Tasty. I’m disappointed with a number of the load times. They aren’t horrible but take enough to feel just like a drag&nbsp long;given the platform I’m playing on. 

    A lot more than anything, Oddworld: Soulstorm is certainly more of Abe’s Oddysee with some improvements and additions that I’m uncertain are good or not only yet. I’m having a great time more often than not, and appearance to seeing how it evolves forward. The game can be acquired and is really a freebie on PS Plus for PS5 now, so if you’re scanning this, it’s likely that you’re knee-deep inside it yourself. Week my review ought to be published later this, but I’d want to hear your impressions in the comments!

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