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Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 394: Crash Landing

Email us at [email protected]! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here Hey y’all! This week we sit down with composer Bobby Krlic, who shares the creative process behind crafting Returnal’s soundtrack. Stuff We Talked About Mass Effect Legendary EditionOddworld: SoulstormReturnal (interview begins at 21:20)Outer Wilds The WitnessDisco Elysium – The Final CutGames that made us see things differently in the real world The Cast Sid Shuman – Senior Director of Content Communications, SIE Tim Turi –  Senior Content Communications Specialist, SIE Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    Eli Roth’s Borderlands Movie Adds Olivier Richters as Krom

    Eli Roth's Borderlands Movie Adds Olivier Richters as Krom

    Eli Roth’s Borderlands movie adds Olivier Richters as Krom

    Following recent casting of Golden Globe nominee Edgar Ramirez as Atlas, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that professional bodybuilder Olivier Richters has been tapped to portray another villain character in Eli Roth’s upcoming film adaptation of Borderlands . The Dutch athlete-turned-actor is defined to play the role of Krom, who’s being referred to as the terrifying leader of the psycho bandits that rule Pandora. The type only appeared in the initial installment of the Borderlands game, where he was voiced by Oliver Tull.

    This marks Richter’s first major movie role as he could be only set to possess minor appearances in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and 20th Century Studios’ The King’s Man , this season which are both likely to debut.

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    In line with the bestselling PC and console gaming franchise from developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games, the movie will center around a combined group called Vault Hunters led by Lilith and Roland. Lionsgate released the film’s official synopsis recently, centering around unlikely heroes recruited for a retrieval mission. Character details including Cate Blanchett’s Kevin and Lilith Hart’s Roland may also be teased in the synopsis.

    Lilith (Blanchett), an infamous outlaw with a mysterious past, reluctantly returns to her home planet of Pandora to get the missing daughter of the universe’s most effective S.O.B., Atlas (Ramirez). Lilith forms an alliance having an unexpected team – Roland (Hart), a former elite mercenary, desperate for redemption now; Tiny Tina (Greenblatt), a feral pre-teen demolitionist; Krieg (Munteanu), Tina’s musclebound, challenged protector rhetorically; Tannis (Curtis), the scientist with a tenuous grip on sanity; and Claptrap (Black), a wiseass robot persistently. These unlikely heroes must battle alien monsters and dangerous bandits to get and protect the missing girl, who may contain the key to unimaginable power. The fate of the universe could possibly be within their hands – but they’ll be fighting for something more: one another.

    The  Borderlands  film adaptation includes a star-studded ensemble including Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as Lilith, Edgar Ramirez as Atlas, Kevin Hart as Roland, Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis, Jack Black as Claptrap, Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina, Florian Munteanu as Haley and Krieg Bennett within an unknown new role for the series.

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    Borderlands  will undoubtedly be directed by Eli Roth from the script compiled by Craig Mazin. Avi Ari and Arad Arad are producing through their Arad Productions banner, and Erik Feig, through PICTURESTART. Randy Pitchford, executive producer of the Borderlands gaming franchise and founder of the Gearbox Entertainment Company is executive producing and joined by Strauss Zelnick, cEO and chairman of Take-Two Interactive. Lionsgate’s James Myers and Aaron Edmonds are overseeing the project alongside Arad’s Emmy Yu and Picturestart’s Lucy Kitada and Royce Reeves-Darby.

    Borderlands  is among the world’s most successful gaming franchises, with an increase of than 57 million units sold-in worldwide, including over 22 million units of  Borderlands 2 , that is the highest-selling title previously history of 2K. The newest installment,  Borderlands 3 , in September 2019 which launched, already sold-in nearly 8 million units worldwide and was honored with the award for “Best Multiplayer Game” at Gamescom.

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