Friday, May 7, 2021

Halo Debuts New 'World Of Halo' Stop-Motion Video Series, Episode 1 Available Now

While we continue to wait for a Halo Infinite release date other than the anticipated November 2021 window, the team over at 343 Industries has a different sort of Master Chief-inspired project to share. Using the Jazwares action figure line, the stop-motion series called World of Halo just debuted its first episode. You can watch it below. Spoiler alert: it's pretty awesome. The Jazwares line is surprisingly detailed for being a mere four inches tall and seeing them in action in this format is kind of cool to see as a Halo fan myself. From a fight to death with the iconic energy sword to seeing some of the most recognizable enemies in the Halo-verse, the first episode of this series has us pretty jazzed to see what's next. Especially being a massive collector.  [embedded content] Master Chief's badassery, glowing energy swords, grunts screaming in panic - what more could you want? Other than a Halo Infinite gameplay trailer, but don't worry about that. 343 Industries has recently confirmed that a new gameplay reveal is coming this Summer to show off what the team has been working on since criticism hit about its next-gen graphics.  In other Halo news, 343 recently shared off a new screenshot from the main campaign, which you can see here, detailing the various PC-specific settings for resolution. The team also confirmed that Halo Infinite will include cross-progression and crossplay between Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, so that anyone can enjoy the latest game without worried about being tied to one specific platform.  To learn more about Halo Infinite before the gameplay trailer drops in the coming months, you can scope out our dedicated game hub. From fan desires to inside looks, catch up on the latest news right here.  Thoughts on Halo Infinite and the latest stop-motion video with World of Halo? Sound off in the comments below; Cortana would want you to. 

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    Introducing the Rogue Company Season One Event

    Introducing the growing season One Arms Dealer Update, the most recent addition to the initial season of Rogue Company ! In the Arms Dealer event, all Rogue Company players can access new Arms Dealer missions, having a selection of objectives which may be completed during Rogue Company matches. Complete mission objectives and you’ll be rewarded by the Arms Dealer with credits, which may be allocated to the selection of shipments. Having a collection of all-new cosmetic items, shipments contain emotes, weapon wraps, avatars, and much more! 

    Want more content even? The Arms Dealer event includes the choice to get exclusive shipments for Rogue Bucks also, which feature additional cosmetics – like the new Neon Override Gl1tch outfit. Purchase all shipments in the Arms Dealer event and you’ll unlock the special reserve shipment free of charge also, which includes the most recent legendary outfit – Combat Medic Saint!

    Rogue Company Season One Event

    This update features the addition of the most recent 2v2 skirmish map also, Rooftops, and the brand new Dodgeball game mode. Featuring scenic sprawling seaside views of Miami, Rooftops may be a soothing travel destination for a few, but also for Rogue Company it’s a deadly battleground located 20 stories above walk out and primed for quick, close-quarters encounters. Watch your step –  it’s quite a distance down! Dodgeball, the most recent limited time game mode, features fast team-based gameplay that puts a distinctive spin on team deathmatch: get eliminated by the enemy team and you’ll be put into a respawn queue, where you’ll get the chance to respawn… the moment your teammates eliminate an enemy player! It’s a back-and-forth battle for dominance at breakneck speeds truly!

    Rogue Company Season You have seen the addition of new maps, a fresh Battle Pass, and new Rogues, of the entire year and in addition we have been proud to launch our first major event! Play the growing season One Arms Dealer Event Update free today in Rogue Company , like the new Rooftops map and the brand new Dodgeball game mode!

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