Friday, May 7, 2021

Halo Debuts New 'World Of Halo' Stop-Motion Video Series, Episode 1 Available Now

While we continue to wait for a Halo Infinite release date other than the anticipated November 2021 window, the team over at 343 Industries has a different sort of Master Chief-inspired project to share. Using the Jazwares action figure line, the stop-motion series called World of Halo just debuted its first episode. You can watch it below. Spoiler alert: it's pretty awesome. The Jazwares line is surprisingly detailed for being a mere four inches tall and seeing them in action in this format is kind of cool to see as a Halo fan myself. From a fight to death with the iconic energy sword to seeing some of the most recognizable enemies in the Halo-verse, the first episode of this series has us pretty jazzed to see what's next. Especially being a massive collector.  [embedded content] Master Chief's badassery, glowing energy swords, grunts screaming in panic - what more could you want? Other than a Halo Infinite gameplay trailer, but don't worry about that. 343 Industries has recently confirmed that a new gameplay reveal is coming this Summer to show off what the team has been working on since criticism hit about its next-gen graphics.  In other Halo news, 343 recently shared off a new screenshot from the main campaign, which you can see here, detailing the various PC-specific settings for resolution. The team also confirmed that Halo Infinite will include cross-progression and crossplay between Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, so that anyone can enjoy the latest game without worried about being tied to one specific platform.  To learn more about Halo Infinite before the gameplay trailer drops in the coming months, you can scope out our dedicated game hub. From fan desires to inside looks, catch up on the latest news right here.  Thoughts on Halo Infinite and the latest stop-motion video with World of Halo? Sound off in the comments below; Cortana would want you to. 

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    On the highway with Hitchhiker

    Today marks the Xbox One release of Hitchhiker , a narrative mystery game concerning the world’s strangest road trip. In Hitchhiker , you play as a traveler without recollection of who you’re or where you’re headed. Your task is to patch together the memories of your backstory and solve environmental puzzles by following clues from drivers you meet on the way. The production of Hitchhiker itself is a long and winding journey, filled with turns and twists and several things learned.


    It had been early 2016 when Patrick Rau (Mad About Pandas’ managing and co-creative director) pitched me on the thought of Hitchhiker . “Everyone’s made a driving game,” he described. “Nobody’s made a passenger game.” The essential idea was simple, with clear limitations that I liked: As a hitchhiking passenger, you can’t drive, you can’t walk- you can’t do a lot of anything. When focusing on a fresh idea, there’s often nothing more liberating than constraints: going for a couple of options off the table in the beginning makes it simpler to find inspiration, because you are longer looking at a blank canvas of unbounded possibilities no.


    Our first conversations concerning the game were about mood: a specific autumnal vibe we imagined, a surreal highway filled with hidden correspondences. You start the glovebox in a single person’s car… there’s an image inside that you saw within the last car. The driver acknowledges this fact, but doesn’t appear to think it is strange. How achieved it here get? When I believe to the process back, it appears back-to-front with regards to how you might normally develop a game: we began having an atmosphere, created snippets of dialogue to aid this atmosphere then. Next, characters were imagined who could say these relative lines. Only when the sensation of Hitchhiker was thoroughly grounded did we begin to complete plot specifics and puzzle interactions, permitting them to take shape from the mood that were established organically.


    Patrick and I’ve both spent time surviving in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Area (indeed, our friendship and creative partnership originates using this shared experience). Northern California is a good place for road trips, and I recall clearly a few of the conversations that I had while sitting in the passenger seat on the highways of this area of the country. There’s a particular sort of switched-on state of mind that occurs here, whenever your senses are filled up with the highway flying by, the body reaches rest, therefore your mind is totally free to build relationships the procedure of speaking with another person. It really is this feeling of deep conversational immersion that people wished to recreate because the core game experience in Hitchhiker .


    The development of Hitchhiker followed a progression much like an extended car journey, where one can hardly imagine reaching your faraway destination as you grab of the driveway – yet, before it really is known by you, you’re speeding across the highway, making good time. A short art trailer caught the eye of Kill Screen, who did a brief write-up that got Humble Bundle thinking about the project. The Hitchhiker First Ride prototype premiered as a Humble Original in 2018 and resulted in support for the entire production. Today, we’re pleased to release the entire five-ride game to the global world, and desire to thank everyone who’s hitched along for the ride up to now.

    Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game

    Xbox Live Xbox Live

    Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game

    Versus Evil

    Hitchhiker is really a mystery game set along lost highways, where your goal would be to solve the puzzle of your backstory. As a hitchhiker without destination or memory, you catch a number of rides across a lovely and strange landscape, tracking the mysterious disappearance of an individual for you close. Your drivers range between stoic farmers to off-duty waitresses, and each one of these includes a whole story to inform. Clues appear, alliances emerge, and there is nothing what it appears quite.

    As your journey continues, you need to decode the events of one’s past while confronting the dangers that lie ahead. Hitchhiker is really a road-trip odyssey about exploring the unknown and discover yourself.

    • Hitchhike across a strange and beautiful landscape in five rides with five total strangers who’ll challenge your grasp on reality… And perhaps your philosophy on life.
    • Solve environmental puzzles, and keep an optical eye out for clues, to be able to uncover your mysterious past.
    • The options you make when talking to the drivers shall reveal your personal dark secrets.

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