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Viggo Mortensen Details Thirteen Lives’ Challenging Diving Scenes

During an interview with ComingSoon, Thirteen Lives star Viggo Mortensen spoke about […] The post Viggo Mortensen Details Thirteen Lives’ Challenging Diving Scenes appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

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    Exclusive Clip From Horror Film The Djinn – Who’s There?

    THE DJINN clip

    (Photo Credit: IFC Midnight)

    ComingSoon.net is excited to debut a special clip from IFC Midnight’s  The Djinn , that is releasing May 14 in select theaters nationwide. The horror film directed by Justin David and Powell Charbonier may also be available digitally everywhere you rent movies. It follows a 12-year-old mute boy, played by Dylan Jacobs, that performs a ritual to get a voice. However, a djinn is seeking to collect his soul now, for a night so he must avoid it.

    Here’s the state synopsis for  The Djinn :

    The story follows a mute twelve-year-old, Dylan Jacobs, as he discovers a mysterious book of spells inside his new apartment. Grieving the increased loss of his mother, and feeling isolated from everyone aside from his father, Dylan performs a ritual that promises to provide his heart’s desire: to get a voice. But he discovers that each gift includes a toll whenever a sinister&nbsp soon;djinn arrives to get his soul. Trapped in his new house with nowhere to cover up now, Dylan must look for a real solution to survive before stroke of midnight or pay the best price.

    “We made this film as a testament to the spirit of independent filmmaking,” said the duo of directors. “Our story is framed in horror, but hopefully that its themes of strength and survival will encourage children and adults alike to love themselves despite their perceived shortcomings.”

    Our clip shows Dylan creating a terrifying discovery in his house as a female is available by him in his house. It’s one of the numerous scares that&nbsp just; The Djinn will offer you through to May 14.

    Browse the exclusive clip from IFC Midnight’s  The Djinn below:

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