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Resident Evil Village DLC Announced

Resident Evil Village had no season pass or much in the way of future plans outside of RE: Verse, the attached multiplayer project coming in July. However, Capcom has just revealed that it is creating DLC for Resident Evil Village “due to popular demand.” The publisher and developer did not give any details on what this upcoming DLC would be.And that might be because it is very early in development and likely wasn’t planned beforehand, hence the lack of a season pass. The slide announcing the DLC said Capcom was just starting on it, meaning we probably won’t see anything for some time. The slide ended with Capcom promising “more info later.”MORE: Netflix’s Live-Action Resident Evil Series Reveals Main CastResident Evil has had a bunch of odd DLC. Resident Evil 7 had a slew of unique packs from a Saw-like version of the card game 21 to a roguelike adventure to a free campaign starring Chris Redfield. It was all wildly different and it remains to be seen if Capcom will emulate this off-the-wall approach with Village or go for a more story-based expansion.MORE: Ada Wong Was Cut From Resident Evil Village

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    Today destruction AllStars launches its new competitive Blitz mode

    Hey everyone. I’m Ross, among the designers at Lucid Games here. It’s been awesome seeing everyone diving into Destruction AllStars and smashing one another to pieces with this 17 AllStars. I’ve been having an enjoyable experience jumping in to the game myself and wrecking together with the grouped community. Our first season is well underway and you’ve been capturing every second of the action with Photo Mode! I’ve had a great time seeing what you’ve been posting on social media marketing, so much in order that I had to choose some of my favourites to talk about below.

    Today we’re celebrating the launch of Blitz, our completely new game mode in Destruction AllStars, and I needed to offer all a closer consider the game mode and dive into a few of our design goals and aspirations for the mode. I’ll also throw in several cheeky ideas to help offer you a headstart inside our new premiere game mode! (If you’re not used to our arena of destruction, it is possible to here get yourself a primer right.)

    Blitz and Glamor

    Our new game mode, Blitz, is a competitive highly, multi-team version of Mayhem which uses rounds and a modified scoring system to reward teamwork and precision slightly. It encourages players to out capitalise on well thought, coordinated attacks instead of driving simply, evading and smashing. It’ll bring new skill based rewards that you can earn and showcase to the grouped community, so that they know who arrived at the top just. We’ve been playing plenty of Blitz at Lucid for some time now and having plenty of fun with it, therefore i think you’re gonna have a great time really.

    From the bottom up

    When getting started with this sort of mode, we knew that people wished to create something uses the core game mechanics and what folks enjoy about Mayhem, but develop a competitive highly, intense and fast-paced game mode that rewards team focused play. To do this, we knew we’d to inject various types of teamplay into Blitz, whether understanding which team member should select a specific AllStar, driving as a pack to hunt exactly the same opponents or avenging the wreck of a teammate by wrecking an enemy player. Overall, we wished to tone down a few of the noise and invite for calculated, precision gameplay whilst helping you to stay tuned directly into what sort of game was progressing between multiple teams.

    To do this, your choice was created by us to get a maximum of 12 players in a casino game of Blitz. Splitting those 12 into four teams of three AllStars helped give more excess weight to the selection of AllStar within a match. Each match is put into rounds where teams battle it out to function as first team to score 100 points, or have the best points once the timer runs out. Scoring points should feel very acquainted with hits, barges, kOs and wrecks being truly a reliable solution to climb the scoreboard. The initial team to win two rounds shall win the match, so there’s you don’t need to worry if you feel like you’ve fallen too much behind, one good round puts there you back up.

    Alongside its round-based system, what really sets Blitz is character lockouts and ability energy carry over apart. With character lockouts, you should select a new AllStar in the beginning of each round. Once you’ve used an AllStar, you can’t pick them for all of those other match again. This implies you’ll be using from two to five different AllStars in a casino game of Blitz, based on just how many rounds are played. We feel this enables you to think more about your team composition. Can you use your primary in the initial round or save it for a comeback in round four? Another factor to take into account is your ability charge for the Breaker and Hero Vehicle also carry over between rounds. If you earn your Hero Vehicle in round one, do you want to deploy it asap to secure the win or save it to start out round two with a decisive advantage?

    Injecting depth into Blitz

    After we had the first versions of Blitz and running up, we quickly begun to dig just a little deeper to see what we’re able to include to greatly help separate the nice teams from the very best teams. Team takedowns certainly are a real solution to earn bonus points by working together to wreck an enemy player. The more players focusing on this together, the more you score. Communication could be a smart way to plan this kind or sort of an attack, but you will keep things simple and follow your teammates round the arena also. In the event that you see them deploy a charge or breaker a particular vehicle, it is possible to sweep in having an assist for a united team takedown.

    On the contrary side, the vengeance system is the best way to earn bonus points as you respond to among your teammates being wrecked or KO’d. Following this happens to any player, their team gets 30 seconds to obtain a vengeance wreck or KO on the attacker and earn some bonus points because of their team. Keep a detailed eye on the kill feed and on the display to learn which players you ought to be targeting.

    Rounds could be lost or won at the type select screen. Deciding on a lineup of AllStars that work very well together might help secure team takedowns with coordinated usage of their abilities. For instance, if you pick Jian and use their breaker to drop mines round the arena and easily tag several enemy players, a united team mate could follow-up with Sgt. Rescue’s Hero Vehicle, that includes a complete large amount of weight and health, and wreck some of these vehicles for bonus points! It is possible to combine this together with your ability energy that carries over between rounds. If your Hero Vehicle is ready, it is possible to pick an AllStar with a Hero Vehicle that hits hard and begin strong within the next round. Or, if you’re out of energy, you can pick an AllStar with a solid on-foot breaker to aid your teammates. Overall, there’s plenty of team compositions to test out.


    You can find unique rewards to earn in Blitz within Season One Hotshots. Week every, among your weekly challenges shall request you to play Blitz and can offer yet another reward, a Blitz-themed skin for an AllStar. We’ve added two new sponsor challenges that you should complete also, each rewarding an banner and avatar set. These challenges derive from winning games of Blitz, to allow them to be a solution to showcase your skills to other players really! Alongside these rewards, regular XP and Season Points systems work in Blitz and you will complete a few of your daily and weekly challenges in Blitz, exactly like any game mode.

    All the best in the Arena

    Merely to pass on several tips and hints from our playtests at Lucid… don’t play with Gerard, he’s an excellent producer but rubbish at Blitz. For more practical tips… choose your goals carefully to earn bonus score whenever we can, you don’t desire to deploy your Hero Vehicles ability for that target or will there be a revenge wreck you can choose further down the arena? Also, choose the best AllStar for the proper round, but this is often a personal choice deeply. Can you pick your favourite AllStar in early stages to essentially set the tone for a match or do you want to save them for another round? It’s about matching your picks to your playstyle and finding your rhythm, and also countering the way the enemy teams are playing.

    today in Destruction AllStars

    It’s excellent to see Blitz going live! I know many of the team at Lucid will undoubtedly be watching social media marketing to observe how you all can get on in its first week along with jumping in ourselves to obtain practical with the city. Hopefully we’ll see plenty of communication begin to form as players harness this kind of teamplay to essentially capitalise on score. I’m also hoping to visit a few epic games where each team wins a round so that it takes it to a fifth and final round where it’s all to play for.

    That is only the start for Blitz as it’s been made with competitive play and a ranking system at heart. Whilst it’s launching today being an unranked playlist, we’re thinking about releasing a ranked mode some right time later on. We’re not prepared to talk information on that at this time quite, but you can get ranks to advance through and exclusive rewards linked with which rank you achieve. 

    And that means you own it there. It’s been a thrilling challenge for all of us to bring the initial completely new game mode to Destruction AllStars since its launch, but we think we’ve really hit the nail on the relative head with Blitz in delivering a fast-paced, competitive experience in addition to adding in new tactical layers for player skill to essentially shine! I can’t wait to listen to everything you all think about the mode, we’ve enjoyed building it, and I understand I speak for the united team when saying we anticipate playing along guys.

    Blitz is reside in Destruction AllStars now! We can’t wait to see everything you label of our new competitive mode so make sure to tag our Twitter account together with your thoughts and feedback.

    Oh, so when promised, here’s an array of our favourite Photo Mode pics up to now:

    Wow, just awesome by @Philt43_Yewone

    Fuego Face by @QuelBia94

    Shyft Anubis Head by @Biscxtti

    Chaos by @hoffman_vp

    Comic Hana by @Acdra_Cos

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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