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    Dark Alliance: Revealing the Free Post-Launch Plan

    Dark Alliance is arriving at Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Spread Day One, June 22. But we’re not there stopping! We’ll have significantly more monsters to slay, dungeons to loot, the entire year and challenges to overcome throughout.

    Dark Alliance

    First, the June 22 launch let’s cover what’s coming with. We’ve three planned post-launch content drops in 2021 which will give players more of what they love.

    Free DLC 1: Wraiths

    Dark Alliance

    Our first planned DLC arrives come early july (Winter for the southern hemisphere friends) and is free for everybody. This includes a fresh story mission over three levels, where you’ll battle a faction of Wraiths which are wanting to corrupt a forest spirit because of their own gains.

    That’s not absolutely all. S with this update. 

    Free DLC 2: Trolls

    Dark Alliance

    Our second planned DLC arrives this Fall (Spring in the southern hemisphere) and is particularly free for everybody. It shall add a new story mission told over three levels. Trolls have invaded Kelvin’s Cairn and it’s your decision to eliminate them. This DLC will add new challenge ratings to the overall game also, providing you higher expert difficulties to overcome.

    Echoes of the Blood War – Expansion

    Dark Alliance

    the entire year with a big paid expansion Echoes of the Blood War

    We’ll end. This expansion shall put in a brand-new, magic-using playable character to the overall game – an ideal addition to the ongoing party! Combined with the new character comes a fresh storyline with new missions and new monsters. 

    We can’t await you to obtain Dark Alliance when it releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Spread Day One, June 22. This season a lot more exciting things waiting for you for!

    Dark Alliance Dark Alliance

    Xbox Live Xbox Live

    Dark Alliance

    Wizards of the Coast

    Dark Alliance brings alive the planet of Dungeons & Dragons within an explosive action brawler filled up with real-time combat and dynamic co-op. Frost giants and vengeful dragons roam unchecked through Icewind Dale as invading armies of evil grow stronger each day. Now four heroes must beat back the onslaught of creatures and reduce the chances of the dark. Choose your hero and join to four friends to fight legendary monsters up. Explore the frigid world of Icewind Dale as you vanquish unstoppable bosses, earn powerful gear, and unlock new abilities to defend myself against bigger challenges even.

    Play as Iconic D&D Heroes
    Choose among four heroes from best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore – Drizzt Do’Urden, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Bruenor Battlehammer. Each has their own playstyle and customizable abilities. Complete missions and vanquish bosses to unlock new earn and skills powerful gear, allowing players to defend myself against bigger challenges even.

    Fight Alongside FRIENDS AND FAMILY
    Sign up for three other friends and fight in a dynamic co-op experience with explosive real-time combat together. Unleash devastating combos as you topple unstoppable monsters powerful to go it alone too.

    Conquer Unstoppable Monsters
    Dark Alliance pits players against one of the most legendary monsters from the global world of Dungeons & Dragons. Frost giants, Beholders, White Dragons-muster the strength to defeat all of them against insurmountable odds.

    Brave the Frozen Landscape
    Dark Alliance brings alive the global world of Dungeons & Dragons like before never. Explore the dangerous and frigid world of Icewind Dale as you defend your homeland from armies of abominable monsters.

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    Beholder Weapon Set

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