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    June 11 the Persistence Enhanced hits PS5 with visual and performance improvements

    on PS5 June 11

    We’re so excited that The Persistence Enhanced launches. The Persistence Enhanced is fully optimised for the next-generation hardware with the inclusion of immersive DualSense wireless controller haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and also the inclusion of raytraced rendering and a bunch of other improvements. 

    Today we’re going for a closer look at everything you can get from The Persistence Enhanced on PS5 and the way the next-gen technology enhances your gameplay experience aboard the decks of doomed deep space colony ship, The Persistence.

    The Persistence has been on an unbelievable journey since its initial PS VR exclusive release in 2018. We at Firesprite were delighted to create the overall game to the PS4 flat-screen this past year and so are thrilled to own Persistence Enhanced as another free update for existing owners of the overall game.

    This Enhanced Edition of our survival horror rogue-lite for PS5 flat-screen introduces a dynamic rasterized 4k60 fps Performance mode and 4k30 fps Quality mode which features real-time raytraced reflections and global illumination dialling the atmosphere and tension around the max aboard the doomed starship.

    These visual updates don’t only look fantastic, they really too improve the core gameplay.  Improved shadows, reflections and lighting provide cues regarding the positions of the creatures that now inhabit The Persistence, alerting the ball player to any potential threats lurking at night corners alongside the immersive positional sound system implemented in game. Even though an encounter with among the mutant horde proves fatal, you’ll end up very reprinted right into a new clone body ready for another run quickly, because of instant loading on PS5.

    The DualSense controller brings entirely new dimensions of tactile immersion to your experience aboard The Persistence. With the haptic adaptive and feedback trigger functionality, the profile and difference of every weapon will undoubtedly be felt when found.

    This reaches melee combat, from the impact of deflecting enemy attacks to the feeling of plunging a Peacekeeper Knife in to the flesh of the aberrant creatures you’ll encounter and feeling the resistance because they fight and struggle for survival.

    The Persistence Enhanced features adaptive trigger pressure feedback for the many ranged weapons in the overall game like the Sentinel, Valkryie, or the Grav Hook for instance – each requiring different trigger pressure to understand your attack. You’ll have the strikes and blows of different enemy attacks also, and the hum of one’s shield since it activates, suppressing any onslaught.

    The update includes a host of quality-of-life improvements also. With updated particle effects and tweaks to the HUD, UI and ux, along with combat and audio tweaks, we think it’s an excellent experience for both new players and the ones updating!

    The Persistence Enhanced arrives on PS5 June 11 and you will be available as a free of charge upgrade to players who own the overall game on PS4.

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