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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Has Already Recouped Its Development Costs

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released in September to largely positive reviews (including a 9 out of 10 from us) and has performed well in sales. So much so that, according to developer Ember Labs, the game has already broken even on its development cost. In an interview with Bloomberg, Ember Lab heads Josh and Mike Grier discussed Kena's road from development to release. To their surprise, the game has apparently sold well, and while they don't divulge specific sale numbers, they say it's already recouped its initial development costs. It's unclear how much money Kena had behind it, but this is great news for the small studio.  "It's hard to tell what's a huge success," said Josh in the article. "Sony's happy." Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person action-adventure title that stars Kena, a spirit guide, who guides small critters called the Rot to purify a land plagued by a supernatural blight. Along the way, you'll assist wayward souls to help ferry them to the afterlife, while action consists of melee and ranged combat. The game has an old-school linear design and scope, plus it's quite the looker in the art department (Ember Labs cut its teeth as an animation studio, after all). Kena is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store.  Be sure to read the full interview to learn more about the Kena: Bridge of Spirits' pre-release marketing, as well as our coverage hub for extensive background on the game itself. [Source: Bloomberg]

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    The Visceral Reality of War Comes to Xbox Series X|S with Hell Let Loose on October 5

    We’re extremely excited to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Hell Let Loose for Xbox Series X|S on October 5.

    Hell Let Loose is a large-scale, online strategic first-person shooter set during World War II. Take part in some of the most iconic battles of the Western Front, including Purple Heart Lane, Omaha Beach, Foy, and many more. This is strategic combat on a whole new scale; Hell Let Loose features two teams of 50 made up with the combined arms of infantry, tanks, and artillery, and a dynamically shifting front line where individual players are key cogs in the machine of colossal warfare.

    Hell Let Loose

    Featuring nine sweeping maps modelled on real World War II reconnaissance images and modern satellite data, each battlefield is divided up into large capture sectors. These allow for emergent and unique gameplay that pits the two forces into a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests, and towns on an ever-evolving front line. When a sector is captured, resources are generated for your team, creating a complex metagame that will influence a team’s march to victory.

    Hell Let Loose

    There are 14 playable roles in Hell Let Loose, each with their own abilities and specializations for the battlefield, and each with their own vital role to play in securing victory. Here’s a quick overview of some of them:

    • The Commander is a unique role to Hell Let Loose. The strategic brains behind each team, they not only communicate and direct the flow of battle, but through the capture and production of supplies can bring powerful support to their reporting squads, including recon planes or devastating barrages of ordinance.
    • Officers can communicate with the Commander and each other to co-ordinate attacks and defence, and relay commands to their squads. They also can build Outposts and Garrisons that allow reinforcements to spawn close to key targets.
    • Medics are the soldiers that keep the squad up and in the fight. They can revive downed teammates and provide medical supplies to patch up any wounded. However, they can’t perform miracles: headshots and heavy ordinance will prove too much for their healing skills.
    • Spotters work in pairs in Recon squads with a Sniper, it’s their job to identify targets and communicate with the Officers on the team to relay important battlefield information. They are the eyes of the whole team.
    Hell Let Loose

    Hell Let Loose arrives October 5 on Xbox Series X|S. See you soon on the frontline!

    Hell Let Loose Pre-Order

    Xbox Live

    Hell Let Loose Pre-Order



    Get it now

    Iron Vanguard free when you Pre-Order Hell Let Loose

    Unlock access to join the Iron Vanguard and take to the front lines with an array of unique uniforms. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the thick of it with the German forces or take to the US tanks and show off the “Hell on Wheels” jacket!

    Iron Vanguard pack contains:

    German Forces – "Rolled sleeves" uniforms for 11 classes.

    US Forces – “Hell on Wheels” jacket for Tank Commander’s and Tank Crew

    Join the ever-expanding experience of Hell Let Loose – a hardcore World War Two first person shooter with epic battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based RTS-inspired meta-game.

    Fight in the most iconic battles of the Western Front, including Carentan, Omaha Beach and Foy and more. This is combat at a whole new scale…. with lumbering tanks dominating the battlefield, crucial supply chains fuelling the frontlines, you are a cog in the machine of colossal, combined arms warfare. Hell Let Loose puts you in the chaos of war, complete with deep player-controlled vehicles, a dynamically evolving front line, and crucial unit-focused gameplay that commands the tide of battle.

    Featuring more than 9 sweeping maps modelled on real reconnaissance images and satellite data, the entire battlefield is divided up into large capture sectors – allowing for emergent and constantly unique gameplay that pits two forces of fifty players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests, and towns on an ever-evolving front line. When a sector is captured, it will generate one of three resources for your team, creating a complex meta-game that will influence your team’s march to victory.

    An Epic Theatre of War

    Take to the battlefield in 50 vs 50 multiplayer across huge maps. Choose one of 14 playable roles within infantry, recon and armour unit types, each equipped with different weapons, vehicles and equipment. Play as an Officer, Scout, Machine Gunner, Medic, Engineer, Tank Commander and more to experience every aspect of World War II combat.

    Hardcore Gameplay

    Dropping you in more than 9 iconic battlefields of World War II – such as Omaha Beach, Carentan and Foy is at the heart of the Hell Let Loose experience. Historical vehicles, weapons, uniforms are intricately detailed, and the combat is as brutal and bloody as it was on the day. Combat takes place on huge, to-scale maps from real battle locations, recreated using archival aerial photography and satellite imagery in stunning detail using Unreal Engine 4.

    Fight Together – Win Together

    Hell Let Loose is not about kill to death ratios – teamwork is central to gameplay. Communication is essential. Players work together beneath the leadership of officers and their Commander to take strategic targets on the battlefield and dominate the opposition. Hell Let Loose is a game that demands teamwork and communication not only to win, but to survive.

    Unique Meta Game

    Fight for victory by breaking through the enemy lines on a large, evolving battlefield. The unique sector capture metagame requires teams to make continual large scale tactical decisions as to where to attack or defend. Manage resources and supplies to call in support, bombing runs, new vehicles, strafing runs and to reinforce strong-points or flank enemies. Strategy is key to success.

    Key Features:

    • Fight in epic 50 vs 50 multiplayer battles.
    • Two distinct game modes – Offensive and Warfare
    • 9 maps with more added frequently – land at Omaha Beach, fight through Carentan and into the frozen forests of Foy before climbing Hill 400.
    • Never fight the same battle twice – 99 capture point variations per map, means thousands of potential battles.
    • Play and master one or many of 14 unique roles, including:
    Officer, Medic, Machine-gunner Commander, Crewman, Sniper and more.
    • Constantly updated with new maps, weapons, features and fixes.
    • True to life ballistics and recoil patterns create satisfying, skilful gunplay.
    • In-game proximity voip, command voip and unit voip.
    • Persistent player progression – show off your experience by unlocking new uniforms, loadouts and other customisation options as you level up each individual role, as well as your player.
    • Take control of a huge array of WW2 vehicles – including the Tiger, Sherman, Stuart, Puma and more – with additional vehicles still to come
    • Bombard and wipe the enemy from the field by taking control of heavy weapons – such as anti-tank guns and artillery.
    • Build defences on the battlefield to fortify your position.
    • Use teamwork to smash through the enemy front line and push through to victory.
    • Play the game as the Commander and lead your team to victory using different abilities as you orchestrate your forces via the tactical map.

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