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(For Southeast Asia) PlayStation®Partner Awards 2021 Japan Asia PARTNER AWARD & SPECIAL AWARD Winners Announced!

PARTNER AWARD SPECIAL AWARD PARTNER AWARD Awarded to titles developed in the Japan / Asia region with top-ranked worldwide sales between October 2020 and September 2021, with particularly noteworthy activity results*. Tales of ARISE (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.) A Traditional and Innovative JRPG Masterpiece Tales of Arise is the latest installment of the popular Tales […]

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    Thunderful World 2021 – New Games Coming to Xbox from Thunderful!

    Play the Gunk December 16th on Xbox and Windows Store with Game Pass

    Hey Xbox fans, not long to go now! We are so excited to finally be able to tell you that The Gunk is launching on December 16th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows Store, day and date on Game Pass. Coming from the creators of the SteamWorld franchise, The Gunk is a new IP exclusively designed for the Xbox platform. Partnering with Xbox has given is the opportunity to leverage all the amazing features of their ecosystem.

    In this new featurette, Fiona Nova (the voice of Rani) introduces you to The Gunk and offers a brief glimpse of her experience playing the character. On December 16th, follow the story to find out which path Rani and Becks will take, with the fate of this alien world in their hands…

    Experience a Monochromatic Dystopian Fable in White Shadows

    The weird and wonderful cinematic 2.5D puzzle platformer White Shadows is a next-gen exclusive, coming to Xbox Series X|S on December 7th!

    Step into the shoes of Ravengirl, who is on a journey to escape The White City. “The Catastrophe” changed life as we know it, and now only a half human, half animal society has survived. Ravengirl, a part-bird, part-human, must navigate The White City, a haunting metropolis of massive high-rises piercing the dark sky. This dangerous journey is littered with traps, trials and an ominous dark presence.


    Jump into a Parallel Reality at the End of the Cold War

    In 2022, Xbox Series X|S players will enter into a parallel dimension with Bleakmill’s surreal first-person adventure, Ind.ustria

    This sci-fi shooter takes place in an unforgettable world, with a compelling story and haunting atmosphere. As German scientist Nora, a tragedy befalls your research station and you’re sucked into a parallel dimension, landing in the city of Hakavik. This twisted version of East Berlin architecture and strange robotic technology is hiding a dark secret. With limited weaponry and resources, you search Hakavik to find your partner Walter.

    This enigmatic shooter combines the imagery and themes of surrealism and science fiction to create an unforgettable world…


    And of course, let’s not forget that Planet of Lana is coming in 2023 as a console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more information about this highly anticipated title from Thunderful and Wishfully Studios. Let’s just take one more look at its stunning reveal trailer to remind ourselves why Planet of Lana is one of the most exciting upcoming games from Thunderful:

    Thanks for taking the time to check out all the latest Xbox news from Thunderful World and I can’t wait to share more with you all in the future.

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