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God of War or Red Dead II? Drafting The Best Games Of 2018

Click to watch embedded media While the internet may be more familiar with fantasy sports such as football or baseball, that doesn't mean the gamers of the world can't have a little fun too. From God of War to Red Dead Redemption II and everything in between, join Game Informer as we pick the best games of 2018 and form the ultimate fantasy teams. But how does the process work? The panel of Ben Reeves, John Carson, Kim Wallace, Alex Stadnik, and Alex Van Aken have assembled to select five games apiece from 2018 to create the most robust roster possible. After randomizing the draft order, each person will have time to decide. At the end of the round, the order reverses, and the fun continues from the fifth person back to the first. Sounds pretty standard, right? You can fill your list with as many great games as possible and create the video game equivalent of the 1990s Chicago Bulls. That's where you're wrong. If you've played fantasy sports before, you're well aware that picking players in the late rounds can get rough. In that spirit, each panel member in today's video must select one title off Metacritic's list of the worst games of 2018. In a year of such high highs, it's incredible how low the lows can get. But why are we drafting games like this? Just for fun? Why no, for the community validation, of course! That's right, folks. You get to vote on who has the strongest list. Be sure to head over to our Discord to select the editor with the strongest list, and we'll read the results on this week's episode of The GI Show! Thank you so much for your participation and please let us know what you thought of the segment in the comments below!

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    Five delightful things to do in Solar Ash, out tomorrow

    Solar Ash is a game that is, at its heart, about traversing with great speed through a massive world to discover its secrets. The protagonist Rei skates over wild cloudscapes, eerie landscapes, and great ruins. She’s a stranger in a strange and dangerous land – out of her depth, but pushing forward with incredible will and commitment.

    Here are five amazing things you can do in Solar Ash…

    1. Take down a giant lava-bird-monster 

    Rei encounters a wide variety of aggressively large creatures in all manner of forms, such as an enormous bird-like monster that resides in the lava biome in the north. Why does it live in the burning heat of such a volatile environment? Perhaps you’ll find out. Victory will require great speed, careful balance, and precise timing all while soaring through the air high above the dangerous flow of lava.

    The oozing heat tempts the foolish to leap. Only the skilled survive.

    2. Build out your suit collection 

    As she glides, jumps, and flies across the world of Solar Ash, Rei can grab multiple pieces of gear from hidden or hard-to-reach spots strewn about the world. These will net you rewards in the form of suit parts that can be assembled to unlock new bonus powers. These may be well worth your time to find and build out and succeed on your journey through the Ultravoid.

    Patience, vigilance, and exploration will be rewarded.

    3. Rail-grind up an ancient ship graveyard 

    The universe of Solar Ash contains a great host of desolate, abandoned structures that Rei can glide over and through. Find the derelict fleet floating above the clouds, highlighted by the uncanny glow of the sky. Grind, slash, and platform up this ominous scrapyard. Perhaps there’s something, or someone, at the end of this once-great heap to greet you?

    Sometimes decrepit ruins belie great rewards.

    4. Collect lots of space blood (and other trinkets)

    Traveling mostly alone through a harsh, foreign landscape can be a dicey proposition. Fortunately, the game is full of collectables, including Plasma, which Rei can use to upgrade her shields.

    Players will also find a wide array of investigatable objects, easter eggs, and side-quest-related items that unlock backstory elements of each of the worlds consumed by the Ultravoid. Guide Rei through uncovering what happened to each, the awful fates that have befallen their peoples, and the intricate mysteries surrounding the places themselves.

    Savor the small moments of storytelling and lore.

    5. Take a moment to recite a poem 

    It can’t all be spooky architecture and destructive behemoths. Throughout her journey, Rei encounters some eccentric characters. Talk to Ahrric, who shares an ancient poem used for speaking with the “Elders”. Sure, buddy. Whatever you say. Do you commit the poem to memory? Or dismiss it as the strange gibberings of an even stranger, melodramatic creature?

    The little things that most neglect may be more important than you think.

    There’s so much more to Solar Ash. Find out for yourself when it hits PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on December 2!

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