Saturday, December 9, 2023

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    High On Life Boss Fight Video Has Plenty of Shooting and Swearing

    High On Life‘s reveal trailer had snippets of gameplay peppered throughout it, but now Justin Roiland’s team over at Squanch Games has released a longer, uncut gameplay video. The new footage from shows a full boss fight against 9-TORG, one of the title’s bounty targets.

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    The battle takes place in an arena around a pool of sludge and has players firing their talking gun while they try to dodge incoming fire from the chatty 9-TORG. It’s even got some swinging with a talking knife that is, fittingly, a bit bloodthirsty. It cuts right near the end, but it does show a significant portion of the battle.

    While there’s no explainer, it does showcase some of the game’s mechanics like the grappling hook knife and the abilities that seem to be linked to the D-pad. More will likely be revealed in the coming months before its December 13 release.

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    There are actually two videos of this fight: the uncensored one below and one that bleeps most (but not all) of the swear words. It’s unclear if the full game will also have the ability to censor its more explicit language.

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