Friday, March 24, 2023

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    Henry Cavill Addresses Loki Season 2 Rumors

    While Henry Cavill will be returning to his fan-favorite role as Superman in future DC films, the actor recently addressed rumors that he would be appearing in the MCU anytime soon.

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    Speaking with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Cavill was asked about rumors that he would appear in both HBO’s House of the Dragon and Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2. Cavill denied both rumors, noting that he doesn’t feel like there’s a place for him in Westeros and joking that, as far as he knew, he would certainly not be in Loki.

    “As far as I know, I am not going to be in Loki,” Cavill said before joking that it would be a bit tricky to handle being in Loki while also appearing as Superman. “It would be a tricky one to handle at this stage, but if James Gunn could do it, maybe I can too.”

    Due to Cavill being the face of Superman and having recently confirmed that he is back as the iconic character following a cameo in this year’s Black Adam, it seems almost impossible for Cavill to appear in a Marvel project for now.

    Rumors of his appearances in the show, or the MCU as a whole, always stemmed from the thought that Cavill was officially done playing Superman, and thus done with the newly formed DC Studios as a whole. However, that’s not the case anymore, which seemingly shuts the door on Cavill’s place in the MCU for the time being.

    While we don’t know much about the upcoming second season of Loki, writer Michael Waldron — who served as head writer on Loki and as a writer on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — told Deadline that the team behind the series had found “new emotional ground to cover.”

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    Season 2 of Loki isn’t expected to air until early 2023. It’s currently unknown exactly what the season will address, especially following the chaotic ending of the first season, which set up Kang as one of the bigger villains in the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe while seemingly transporting Loki into a different universe entirely.

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