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    Joel McHale: Community Movie Will Be Like ‘A Family Reunion but Without A-holes’

    At the recent Saturn Awards, Community star Joel McHale commented on his excitement for the upcoming film based on the beloved comedy series.

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    Speaking to TheWrap, McHale described how he was feeling about the forthcoming movie.

    “I’m going to look a lot older. I’m not kidding, so you know that I’m sarcastic about literally fucking everything but there will be tears,” he said. “We did that table read during the pandemic and I cried like a baby afterwards and I’m not joking.”

    “Everyone thinks that what I say is joking, but it is like being with — it really is like a family reunion but without a-holes,” McHale stated. “Because you know, you go to a family and you’re like, ‘Ugh, there’s that one cousin of mine. He smells.’ So anyway, we’re really– I can’t wait. Yeah, that’s all I can say.”

    McHale’s table read comment refers to 2020’s Community table read. The original cast got together over Zoom early in the pandemic to perform a table read of Season 5, Episode 4 of Community, titled “Cooperative Polygraphy.” The event, which featured The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal playing Walter Goggins’ character, was well-received by fans and reinvigorated speculation of a potential movie.

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    Community concluded its acclaimed six-season run in 2015 after jumping across multiple networks. The series has since gained further popularity through streaming services like Netflix, leading many fans to renew the “Six Seasons and a Movie” campaign that spawned from the show itself. With the announcement of the film becoming a reality, it seems like the series’ long-echoed slogan is finally being fulfilled.

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