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    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Combat Detailed, Exploration Will Be Wider

    The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer at The Game Awards gave quite a look at the Star Wars title in action. The quick cuts didn’t reveal many details, though, but now Respawn Entertainment has spoken more about the action game’s combat and exploration.

    Game Director Stig Asmussen revealed these new bits of information in an interview with Game Informer and first touched on its combat stances. The type of lightsaber will dictate what stance Cal Kestis can take, and it is up to players to figure out which one of the five stances works against each enemy. For example, one is a dual-blade option that appeared to be quite fast. Another has Cal using a lightsaber much like Kylo Ren’s, which Asmussen said is a “beefy” and “weighty” blade that forces players to choose their openings more carefully.

    One even has Cal wielding a blaster and lightsaber at the same time. That’s quite different than what was seen in the previous game, but Asmussen noted that it was because Cal had grown a lot in the five years since Fallen Order and has had to find different strategies.

    “It really speaks to where we find Cal in this part of the story,” said Asmussen. “It’s five years since the first game, and the dark times are still in full swing. He’s an unconventional Jedi, and he has to do unconventional things. So, something that would be frowned upon during the height of the Jedi Order? Cal’s finding he’s going to do whatever it takes.”

    Mercenary Bode Akuna will also be joining Cal for some of his journey and act as a companion during combat and traversal. Akuna’s helping hand was teased in the trailer, as were the game’s new tamable mounts. Asmussen stated that these new options were so the game could have a “wider Metroidvania approach” and that players can chain “several types of skills together” to get around.

    The article also briefly touched on how the game supports ray tracing and will be set on a new planet in Star Wars fiction that will be a “central proving ground and place of exploration,” according to Game Informer.

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