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    Gets Plot Information & Images for TMT vs. Street Fighter Comic Series

    The Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage As IDW recently unveiled a new comic series titled, are set for another crossover, this time with the world of the Street Fighter fighting game Capcom &# 8217. Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage vs. Street Fighter slated for release in May.

    The new crossover series will have five issues, be written by Paul Allor, with Sarah Myer providing the art and Ariel Medel the color. The series will also receive several variant covers for its five issues, including covers from Medel, in the manner of typical comics. TMNT Kevin Eastman, a co-creator, and Vincenzo Federici’s retailer incentive editions were also planned. Although there is no set release date for the first problem, it is anticipated to be released in May.

    Below are a few pictures from the upcoming comic:

    It feels incredible to combine these well-known brands, Allor said in a statement following the release. &# 8220, I watched all of these characters as I grew up, albeit in very different ways. TMNT Saturday morning cartoons, and then a few years later, desperately smashing buttons while being completely destroyed at Street Fighter II…. Readers will enjoy watching these characters interact as they face a serious threat to both teams, including Mikey and Chun’s unlikely bond to Raph and Guile &# 8217, their rivalry, and their mutual— yet bitter — respect. This book is filled with humor, danger, numerous twists and turns, and a ton of incredible, brutal, outrageous, bonkers fight scenes! It &# 8217, it’s going to be a blast. &# 8221,

    The story will follow the recognizable group of turtles running into the crew from the, according to the comics’ description. Street Fighter games. The two immediately engage in combat as they are eager to demonstrate their fighting prowess against one another.

    “Arriving in Atlantic City to compete in a prestigious fighting tournament,” reads the full description of the comic series. “The Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage quickly run afoul of the world-famous Street Fighter crew, as well as their fabled Psycho-Powered fighting styles! The two teams clash right away, igniting a fierce rivalry that can only be ended with fists and steel( and perhaps one or two Hurricane Kicks ), both eager to demonstrate their moves and prove their combat prowess. With tensions currently maxed, the pressure mounts even further as both teams find themselves embroiled in a wave of mysterious disappearances plaguing the city. Could the tournament &# 8217, its enigmatic sponsor, be at fault? &# 8221,

    While the Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage and Street Fighter may sound like an odd pairing, the iconic comic book group is no stranger to appearing with other popular properties. Previously, TMNT has had crossover with the Mighty Morphin &# 8217, Power Rangers, Batman, Ghostbusters, Archie, and even appeared in the battle video game Injustice 2.

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