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    The Three Elements Required to Become a Hero: A Fox, A Sword, and A Shield

    Do you have what it takes to become the world &# 8217, s next hero? In. Hero Rise of Fox, all you need is a trusty sword and shield combo!

    A vibrant and enjoyable trip through 32 different platforming levels with stunning settings and music. This game by solo developer Josep Monzonís is not the first title under his belt, however, it represents his first entry into the 3D game genre, after almost 13 years developing many 2D titles.

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    In his own words, his passion resides in &# 8220, playing and creating fun and addictive games &# 8221, and with this most recent shift into 3D games, it &# 8217, s safe to say there &# 8217, s an entire new set of possibilities to explore and bring to life! To him, game development is a work of craftsmanship, and he loves being deeply involved in all aspects of development in order to give the final product a very personal touch. Although Josep has partnered with 2Awesome Studio as a publisher before, up until this day seeing his games released on consoles is still one of the highlights of his journey and the feeling of excitement never gets old!

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    Although Hero Rise of Fox is a platformer at its core, Josep also wanted to incorporate combat and puzzle elements to create a more exciting experience for players that completely takes advantage of the three – dimensional POV. In the game, perspective is key, and you will find yourself needing to make use of the fully rotatable camera to really get a good glimpse of all the different angles and corners, as well as solving all the different puzzles.


    Challenging yourself and experimenting with new forms of game development can be a scary, yet exciting, experience so I hope you decide to give this game a try and take the role of an adorable fox on its way to herodom. Have fun!

    Hero Rise of Fox

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    Hero Rise of Fox

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    Hero Rise of Fox is a colorful 3D platformer with fun combat and puzzle elements.

    Armed with a sword and a shield, you will help our fox jump, fight and solve puzzles throughout 4 different chapters and 32 different levels.

    Explore vibrant and beautiful environments and find all the collectibles while battling tons of different enemies. And beware, by the end of each chapter, an epic boss fight awaits!

    In Hero Rise of Fox, perspective is key — so make use of the rotatable camera and look in every angle to find your way through obstacles, or even hidden secrets.

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