Sunday, March 26, 2023

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    There is a new wave of virtual real gambling.

    As we usher in a new era of virtual reality play, today represents yet another exciting turning point in PlayStation’s history. I’m thrilled that players can now get their hands on PlayStation VR2 because this moment has been in the works for a while.

    A new generation of virtual reality gaming is here

    Players from all over the world will now have the opportunity to experience PS VR2, escaping into brand-new sport worlds with stunning imagery and distinctive sensations. The quality of work put into these games has been so great to see. Our teams across the company have been working closely with some of the most talented game developers in the industry to take this next part in VR play.

    You can use the PS VR2’s eye tracking mechanism in Horizon Call of the Mountain to look at the extremely detailed characters you’ll meet or felt their haptic feedback as you reach into a flowing river. The headset input in Resident Evil Village will give your terrifying experiences in Dimitrescu Castle a dreadful new dimensions.

    PS VR2 is simply getting started, and this year and beyond will bring about a ton more experiences. More games are about to be released, including Creed: Rise to Glory, # 8211, Championship Edition, The Walking Dead: Saints and # 038, Sinners: Chapter 2 Retribution, No Man’s Sky, and others.

    A new generation of virtual reality gaming is here

    I just want to thank all of our fans for joining us on this trip. Your enthusiasm and unwavering support have truly inspired us, and we can’t wait to introduce you to the world of virtual reality gambling.

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