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    Different Plane Is Added To National Legend Series By Microsoft Flight Simulation

    In addition to World Update XII: New Zealand, Microsoft Flight Simulator has released the DHC – 4 Caribou as part of its Local Legends Series.

    The DHC – 4 Caribou, a twin-engine, short takeoff and landing( STOL ) cargo aircraft that was initially created as an army cargo and troop carrier, is the eighth addition to the Series from aerospace manufacturer de Havilland Canada. The Caribou had a larger cargo capacity and was theoretically based on the STOL capabilities of the smaller de Havilland DHC – 2 Beaver. 

    The Caribou debuted on July 30, 1958, and was made available for major system in 1961. De Havilland constructed a number of 307 Caribou aircraft, the majority of which were used for military operations and the remainder for legal operations. The Caribou was piloted by army from 32 nations, including the US. A total of 159 of the aircraft, first known as the CV – 2 and then the C – 7, were operated by the United States Army and Air Force. Up until 2009, the aircraft was also used in Australia, Kenya, India, and Spain.

    The DHC-4, which is manned by two pilots, has a capacity to transport up to 32 soldiers, their equipment, and 8, 000 lbs of goods or some other combination. The long, shallow fuselage of the Caribou, along with its raised tail section and rear cargo ramp, give it a distinctive, utilitarian appearance that makes it simple and effective to load and unload personnel and equipment.

    On consumption, it can also carry out in-flight drops of supplies and / or paratroops. The cruciform-shaped empennage has a movable bike undercarriage with huge landing gear legs for use in isolated, rural airfields, as well as an enormous vertical stabilizer and rudder for low-speed yaw authority. The primary wing’s high aspect ratio model has full-Span, double-slotted wings and is mounted forward of the aircraft.

    The flap supports its two circular motors in nacelles that also act as saddles for the primary landing gear and has a polyhedral, inverted bird shape. Now, two Pratt & amp Whitney R-2000 Twin Wasp 14-cylinder radial cylinder engines that each produce 1, 450 horsepower and turn a three-blade Hamilton Standard constant-speed, reversible-pitch shaft power the plane.

    The Caribou have participated in numerous conflict zones and have carried out numerous humanitarian aid missions over the years, most notably in Vietnam, Vanuatu, and along the India-Pakistan borders. In these extreme working arenas, the Caribou earned its famous status, as it took off from and landed on short, steep runways in as little as 1, 000 feet of ground roll.

    The DHC – 4 features a range of 1, 300 yards, climbs at 1, 355 feet per minute, and has a program canopy of 24, 800 feet above sea level. It cruises at 182 miles per hour, stalls at 68 miles, and has a base acceleration of 215 speed.

    The DHC – 4 Caribou by de Havilland Canada is a creature of an aeroplane that is a true aviator’s product. It may fly into and out of essentially any airport and responds boldly to every pilot effort. & nbsp,

    Around today in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Market for$ 14.99, the DHC – 4 Caribou comes with seven emblems:

    • Default
    • Blue with Purple Line
    • Colored with White and Red Accents
    • Blue with Yellow Stripe
    • Camouflage 1
    • Camouflage 2
    • White

    Visit the more than 10 million planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator right! The horizon is calling!Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for Xbox Series X|S and PC with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, and Steam, and on Xbox One and supported mobile phones, tablets, and lower – spec PCs via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

    For the most recent details on Microsoft Flight Simulator, stay tuned to @ MSFSOfficial on Twitter.

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