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    A Beginner’s Guide to The Skull Merchant: A Death by Sun

    Her rule is supported by a tooth rock. The Skull Merchant, a brutal elite ranger driven to seek prey deserving of her abilities, is Dead by Daylight‘s most recent Killer.

    She has now perfected her deadliest program, drones, which are intended to observe and monitor any Survivor in its neighbourhood, after years of experimentation. These horrifying combinations of bone and brass, which were painstakingly crafted from the bones of her numerous victims, cast a suffocating darkness.

    You may be ready to set nets, consider important points of interest, and take advantage of energised individuals if you want to successfully control this Killer. This information focuses on The Skull Merchant’s Power and how to use it, even though she comes with three Character Perks: Game Afoot, Thwack!, and Leverage.


    Zone of the Drone

    View to the Sky, the Skull Merchant’s Power, enables her to arrange a number of Drones in various locations. Some possible locations could be near generators, hex totem trees, or locations that might experience major travel. Additionally, you will have a Radar product that, in certain situations, will let you track the whereabouts of individuals.

    A helicopter enters Active Mode after being positioned and scans the area for victims. Keep in mind that while in this circle, you may remain invisible, and any Survivor who enters it will be visible on your radar. The Drone may eventually Lock – On to that Survivor while they are inside the Active Zone, revealing their precise distance through Killer Instinct. Additionally, they will be exposed.

    The Drone may change to Scouting Mode if five seconds have passed and no Survivor enters the circle while it is in Active Mode. The Drone may gradually turn while in Scouting Mode in order to see Survivors. If a Survivor you eliminate the Drone’s rotating sightlines, approaching during this time is much safer. However, if the aircraft finds them, it will go into energetic mode right away.

    You can manually place your uavs to Active Mode or recognize them once you’ve placed them, but you can’t make a drone go back to Scouting Mode. You’ll need to rely mainly on your instinct in this case, but you might want to use it if you anticipate that a Survivor is attempting to view and disarm the aircraft. Keep in mind that the more individuals who are constantly stressing about robots, the better.


    Important Placements

    The Skull Merchant’s capacity to keep track of Survivor facilities is one of her greatest assets. Keep in mind that victims typically spawn far away when you first enter a Trial. You should try to adopt a mindset of predicting their future actions because the Skull Merchant does not have cross-Map accessibility to actively interrupt their original game plans.


    As you get closer, you’ll see a few Generating that haven’t been touched; the closer they are up, the better. These are the perfect locations to post a drone because survivors will eventually head in the direction of those Generators. After that, they will have to decide whether to try to remove the drone and get a claw trap, make progress to being exposed and revealed through killer instinct, or ignore it and commit to the generator.

    Claw Trap: Whenever a Survivor successfully hacks and disables one of your Drones, they will receive a Claw Trap. When a Survivor receives a Claw Trap, their location will be trackable on your Radar until the Trap’s battery dies.

    Drones make Survivors’ environments extremely dangerous, so placing three drones will help you expand the reach of your website. By doing this, you increase the likelihood of a positive result. Either an Exposed Survivor will be the target of your attention, or you’ll be able to locate a Claw Trapped Survivor on your detector. It’s up to you to decide whether continuing the pursuit is worthwhile if a Claw Trapped Survivor tries to lure you away to an uncomfortable destination.

    Don’t be deterred if you lose a few In in the original game because The Skull Merchant is ultimately A Killer who specializes in position selection.

    Map image

    Radar and Drones

    It can be frustrating to deal with all of these drones, especially if your previous placements don’t work out and you have to improvise on the fly. Robots can be very useful in a fight, especially if you’re chasing Survivors through an intricate circle with constrained line-of-sight.


    If they stay in the Drone’s Active Zone, Killer Instinct will ultimately reveal their exact location, and you’ll also gain the obvious advantage of becoming undetectable. As a result, Individuals may find it more difficult to determine where you are and you won’t need to worry about hiding your Red Stain.

    As for your sensor, keep in mind that you have it for a cause, so use it to learn important details about the whereabouts of the survivors. The rightmost light shows you where to put a drone, and the rightmost a lets you know when someone is in an active drone zone. When your Power is on Cooldown, the Radar will not be lit. Watch out for those visible cues!

    Control is everything in The Skull Merchant, and you’ll quickly discover that a well-planned strategy can produce some incredibly ruthless outcomes. Dying by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Chapter on Xbox immediately includes The Skull Merchant.

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