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    Explore the World of Dirt Bike Driving in Demon Energy Supercross: The Standard Game 6


    • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One now support the sole licensed Supercross videogame, which features authentic riders and tracks from the official 2022 season.
    • Jeremy McGrath, your personal trainer, will help you improve your driving skills.
    • With the latest Rhythm Attack mode, observe the Supercross Park and compete against your friends.

    We are eager to hear from our followers regarding the new Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 6. It’s never easy to be surprised, particularly with a company that has reached its seventh section, but our love of dirt bikes led us to create an experience that could embody Supercross’ correct spirit by fusing fun with your bike with love for competition.

    Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6 Screenshot

    This year, with the guidance of sports legend Jeremy McGrath, you can enjoy updated gameplay that is more satisfying and natural. Through a series of interactive seminars and challenges created to help you find the right feeling on the vehicle, regardless of your initial skill level, the” King of Supercross” will prepare you to compete in the genuine Super cross tournaments. It all begins with the supercross Academy. In this manner, both newcomers and experienced players will have the opportunity to advance in the position setting, competing against their idols for the 450SX tournament. We also added a number of different tools and functions that enable the full flexibility of the riding aids( e.g. car steering, auto brakes, automatic throttle, etc. ) to meet the needs of all types of individuals. ), as well as bike set-up methods.

    Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6 Screenshot

    Giving followers the option to enjoy their bicycles beyond normal driving is one of the elements we have concentrated on the most, as was already mentioned. Riding is a way of life, and in Monster Energy Supercross &# 8211, The Official Videogame 6, you might decide to unwind and go for the ride purely out of enjoyment. This is made possible by the brand-new Supercross Park, a sizable free-rover conditions where you can explore by yourself or with friends. In order to escape the burden of the competition, we created five different places where players will see enormous jumps, unique tracks, and a ton of other things to experience. The mysterious Quarry that will be found awaits the most curious riders, and at the Stadium, individuals will experience the ambience of a true industry. They will decide whether to push down the Peak at top speed or try the riskiest stunts at an abandoned airport. In addition to free roaming, there will be engaged operations for gamers to advance their skills in the second space, which was inspired by the real-life FanFest.

    Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6 Screenshot

    Now, we have already introduced Rhythm Attack to spice up the fun with colleagues. Fast 1v1 fight races on a flat area will be played in split-screen way in this fresh game mode. No turns or single chances; until the winner is announced, riders will engage in a single-elimination tournament.

    Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 6 is now available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with support for Smart Delivery, featuring all the riders and tracks from the official 2022 season.

    Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6
    Xbox Live

    The Official Videogame 6: Monster Energy Supercross & # 8211

    S. R. L. Milestone

    Have it right away.
    Monster Energy Supercross 6 will help you find your inner horse and experience clay, perspiration, fun, and excitement! With the standard scooters, users, and songs, you can experience all the feelings of the Monster Energy Supercross 2022 Championship. Utilize the extensive selection of functions to adjust every aspect of your gaming experience, including the level of reality and driving comfort. Supercross 6 this summer adopts an entirely new and distinctive viewpoint: yours! With the help of your coach and mentor, the famous Jeremy McGrath, YOUR PERSONAL Manager, make your mark in the Supercross globe! To achieve the Championship’s pinnacle in a Career setting that is more engaging than ever, recognize all of his tricks at the Supercross Academy and concentrate on his teachings. Get the world champion of Supercross by racking up victories, impressing the sponsors, and racing through tough competitions! The new Supercross Park offers interesting places to explore alone or with friends. LET&# 039, SGO FOR A RIDE! Supercross circuits and motorcycle tracks that you can use to train, perform stunts, or just take in the view connect every region. RHYTHM IS ATTACKING YOU. Your adversary. a clear path. Everything else is unnecessary. In the original Rhythm Attack way, open the valve and follow the move to cross the finish line first. Competition after culture, demonstrate your value in the single elimination competitions that are held in exquisite areas like canyons and forests. Customize every step of your ascent until you reach the top of the world in YOUR Contest, YOUR JOURNEY! Utilize the riding aids or ride your bicycle with an incredibly practical sense. You will always be able to approach each culture in a way that best suits your needs this method. Select how to improve your rider’s skills and change every aspect of your bike’S layout. That’s not all, either! With the Track Editor, you can create the perfect line, the Helmet Editor will make your layout stand out, and a variety of accessories will allow you to customize the horse and the bicycle. Thanks to the new online standing program, you can earn points and go up the leaderboards with these or other activities, or even by specializing in the ones you prefer. Culture Internet Crossing the finish line before everyone else, performing flawless maneuvers, and riding for hundreds of miles on your bike. Additionally, it is compatible with the brand-new cross-play feature, allowing you to play on any console with your friends.

    The Official Videogame 6: Monster Energy Supercross & # 8211 – Available for Pre-Order
    Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now support Monster Energy Supercross 4.
    The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now support Monster Energy Supercross 4 &# 8211, Special Edition.

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