Friday, March 24, 2023

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    Tomorrow, different Monsters and Quests will be added to Wild Hearts Free DLC.

    Wild Hearts DLC

    This month, different Kemono( the show’s words for monsters ), quests, and other free posts updates were added to Wild Hearts. The second DLC will debut tomorrow, March 10, so competitors won’t have to wait long.

    The Hellfire Laharback creature, along with an accompanying mission and a new skill, is added to the Seriously Volatile Kemono Set on Friday for gamers to hunt. The wolf-like Grimstalker is introduced in the Subspecies Kemeno Pack, which also introduces a new quest and weapon / armor model, on March 23. Additionally, this email includes three different emoticons and three mumble stamps, as well as more higher-difficulty quests.

    Simply a picture to extend it.

    In a Twitter thread, Koei Tecmo also stated that the first release also includes unknown technical fixes and that it will share more information tomorrow. New Kemeno, Karakuri, and other improvements are teased in a flirt for April’s DLC products.

    It appears that Wild Hearts fans will have plenty to do in the near future, and the( hopefully ) performance upgrades— whatever they may be— are a welcome addition. You can read our evaluation of Wild Hearts around to find out more.

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