Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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    Characters as the Week’s Have

    Last week, we asked you to use # PSshare # PSBlog to share motivational game heroines. The shows of this week are as follows:

    MSTakesPictures shares Kena from Kena: Bridge of Spirits

    ForgottenJasmin shares Beta and Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

    YouSpoonyBardd shares Ellie from The Last of Us Part II.

    justinphotomode shares Frey from Forspoken

    sirevanztheduke shares Batgirl from Gotham Knights.

    mobhaine shares Aerith and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII Remake

    To see more entries to this week’s theme, search # PSshare @ PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram. Would you like to appear in the upcoming Share of the Week? & nbsp,

    THEME: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
    SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on March 15, 2023

    For a chance to be featured, visit the Three Kingdoms next week and perform daring feats from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty using # PSshare # PSBlog.

    By PlayStation Official blog (

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