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    In Season 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale, become Mega.

    How Mega will you be in Episode 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4? Will you use the latest grind wheels or ride a sports bike through Mega City’s streets to pass the time? There is a lot to see in Mega City, but don’t forget to go outside and explore the rest of the original region as well. You can see Steamy Springs’ cherry blossoms, fish in Knotty Nets’ waters, hone your skills at Kenjutsu Crossing, and more.

    Your team is eager to explore a completely different area of the Island!

    Are you incredibly quick?

    You can ride on different streets in a new city. You can get the beautiful, aerodynamic Victory Crown Rogue( also known as the Squadmate ). speed through Mega City’s roads while riding a renegade bike, among other things. This two-person sports bike has a boost-ready motor, sharp turning, and high acceleration. Do you prefer a four-wheel strategy? Get in the Nitro Drifter and use the clutch to slide” around the city’s short goes”!

    What about Mega Sharp?

    investigate the sword? Next locate a Kinetic Blade and execute the deft Knockback Slash. No effort for compassion? Stop the catastrophic Dash Attack from happening.

    Did you possess mega-mastery?

    In addition to the city, there are other methods for you to get around Mega City. Try jumping on a pound rail if you see one to avoid the buildings and your adversaries. Sometimes while riding, you can use your arms!

    Big hectic, perhaps?

    Keep in mind that you don’t have to be quiet to wreck havoc. Equip the completely automated, extremely accurate, and silent Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle. Would you rather anything less subdued? Get the powerful Havoc Pump Shotgun and prevent boldly and brazenly; we’ve got you covered.

    What about the help of Mega?

    In Section 4 Season 2, New Reality Bolsters make their debut! Hit Surplus for an extra push, Dignified Finish to renew a Dash Attack, and more. Install Dumpster Diving to see loot while hiding.

    Make Big stylish.

    Battle Pass Outfits from Section 4 Season 2 will help you improve your sense of style. You can automatically unlock the specially designed” Renzo the Destroyer” with the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass purchase. To unlock additional Outfits, such as the streetwear savant” Thunder ,” the elegantly casual” Highwire ,” and more, progress through the Battle Pass.

    The Outfit for manga protagonist Eren Jaeger will be available to access in the Battle Pass afterwards in Season.

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