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    Last Mario movie trailer for Dead Cell: Return to Castlevania|Everything Nintendo

    Kyle Hilliard is invited by Brian to discuss the new Next to Castlevania DLC for the roguelite crush hit Dead Cells this week on All Things Nintendo. The two discuss their relationships with Castlevania and their all-time preferred crossing games. A life emotion to the last Super Mario Bros. movie trailer also serves as the show’s opening act. & nbsp,

    Kyle’s Twitter account is & nbsp, @ KyleMHilliard.

    We can celebrate, talk about, and breakdown all the most recent games, news stories, or announcements from the company’s most well-known name on The All Things Nintendo podcast, which is broadcast every week. Several guests join Brian each week to discuss what’s going on in the Nintendo community. They’ll share specific tales along the way, find hidden pearls in the eShop, and even reflect on the all we all grew up with. Every Friday, a new season comes out!

    Listen to All Points Nintendo on your preferred podcasting service. The show is accessible via YouTube, Apple Podcasts, & nbsp, Spotify, and / brp.

    Entry to the 00:000:00
    Last Super Mario Movie Trailer Live – Response, 00: 02: 36
    Discussion of Mario Day: Memories and Fun Games at 00:30:42
    Ideas on the Mario Kart 8 Premium Booster Program Wave 4 at 00: 39:39
    Jimmy Fallon and the Mario film team’s A Cappella Mario issue at 00:43:15
    Wargroove 2 Announced at 00: 45: 37
    Metroid Integration on Turn Next at 00: 49: 35
    The 10 out of 10 Review Club from & nbsp, Game Informer, at 00: 50: 55
    Thermal Ash Rated for Change at 00: 54: 33
    Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Demo, 00: 57: 44
    Our Narratives with Dead Cell and Castlevania, 01: 00: 21
    Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC Review, 01: 16: 55 -& nbsp
    Clear Ranking: Play Crossover at 01: 38: 51
    Sundered: Eldritch Edition, eShop Gem of the Week, 01:52:53

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    Check out The Game Informer Show & nbsp, hosted by Alex Van Aken, to learn more about the weekly events in the video game industry.

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