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    Xbox Then Year: New Games for March 13 to 17

    Greetings from Next Week on Xbox! All upcoming Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Game Pass games are covered in this weekly feature. Find out more information about these new adventures below, and click their profiles for more details( transfer dates are subject to change ). This dive right in!

    Great New Games Spotlight 2023

    Great New Games Spotlight has officially kicked off and we’re excited to bring you a ton of games every week for the next six weeks — more than 100+ new games will launch on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One between February 28 and April 10 – and if you spend $50 on eligible games and movies, you can receive 2,500 Microsoft Rewards points! Get more details here.

    The Forest Cathedral Box Art Asset

    The Forest Cathedral – March 14
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized

    An island-based first-person economic drama. You may assassinate Rachel Carson, a scholar, to ascertain the reason the beach forbids her departure. The game reimagines the tale of Rachel Carson’s attempted to prior to her revelations on the dangerous as known as DDT.

    Valheim Box Art Asset

    Valheim (Game Preview) – March 14
    Sport Pass for Pc

    Currently accessible on Xbox Series X|S! A terrible exploration and success game for one to ten players set in a Norse mythology-inspired dynamically created world. To explain yourself to Odin, create longhouses, powerful weapons, and slay formidable adversaries!

    Vernal Edge Box Art Asset

    Vernal Edge – March 14

    Vernal will need to cross a mysterious land with the aid of some unusual martial skill and an amnesiac robot named Chervil if she wants to sate her desire for vengeance and # 8212, as well as the reality- in this lovely image work metroidvania.

    The Wreck Box Art Asset

    The Wreck – March 14
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized / Smart Delivery

    At the age of 36, Junon’s existence is in shambles: her personal life, work, and emotional numbness are all deteriorating. When she is taken to the emergency room and discovers her separated child in critical condition, things get out of hand. The most significant time of Junon’s existence is today, and unless something changes, it could be her last. In this 3D visual novel, you can revisit the past, change the present, and acknowledge the outlook.

    Anno 1800 Console Edition Box Art Asset

    Anno 1800 Console Edition – March 15
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized

    In this city-building real-time system game, welcome to the sun of the Industrial Age. As you learn about new technologies, provinces, and cultures, put your personal strategy into practice, or create a new community to your design, you’ll have one of the most exciting and rapidly changing seasons of all time. Use alone, or use PvP or co-op modes online: It’s up to you how the world remembers your title.

    BigChick Box Art Asset

    BigChick – March 15
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized / Smart Delivery

    What a catastrophe! The islands are sinking, chickenfolk can swim, fox bandits won’t miss an opportunity to eat one or two birds even as the world is about to end, and # 8230! Big Chick is here to save the time, thank goodness! To guide your people to the health of the revered Big Barn, used poultry magic to call forth fresh swaths of land from the ocean’s depths.

    Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition Box Art Asset

    Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition – March 15

    Have the gut-busting cool with Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition and be transported into another factor. Use your hands to crush Germans, put an end to the cruel Kung Fuhrer, and uphold the law the only way you know how!

    Tricky Thief Box Art Asset

    Tricky Thief – March 15
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized / Smart Delivery

    Play the part of a cunning criminal as you hug the surfaces of each room, collect coins, and outsmart the patrolling guards across dozens of top-down single-screen stages, presented in endearingly sleek 3D design!

    Backbeat Box Art Asset

    Backbeat – March 16
    Sport Pass for Pc / Smart Delivery

    As a budding bassist named Stephanie &# 8220, Watts # 8221, Watson bounced from audition to audition but was never able to find any music that truly appealed to her — that is, until she figured out the power of funk. She gathers some amateurs from her home to compete against La Tormenta, a favorite art school student, at the Battle of the Bands after getting into the groove.

    Defend the Rook Box Art Asset

    Defend the Rook – March 16

    a tower defense system combined with dungeon tactics board combat. By using your heroes to beat the enemy, you can beat the invading hordes to remain alive and save the property. Enjoy more strategies than the typical TD game, such as being able to use severe magic to turn the tables on invasions. May you outwit the opposition and overcome the odds?

    My Little Prince - A jigsaw puzzle tale Box Art Asset

    My Little Prince – A jigsaw puzzle tale – March 16

    A issue puzzle game to relive a precious old tale. contains paintings by Katia Numakura that were based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s” The Little Prince.”

    Peppa Pig: World Adventures Box Art Asset

    Peppa Pig: World Adventures – March 16
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized / Smart Delivery

    Along with Paris, Australia, London, and a community tour of some enjoyable locations, New York City is calling. Pizza in Italy, strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, taking a cruise ship up, and more are all things you and your partner Peppa can do. There are fascinating journeys to hear, new people to meet, and a ton of accessories to dress up with!

    WWE 2K23 Box Art Asset

    WWE 2K23 – March 16
    For the Xbox Series X|S, optimized

    Beautiful design, expanded features, and the best WWE encounter are all present. Roman Reigns, American Nightmare, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, # 8221, Steve Austin, and more are among the WWE Superstars and Legends that have made it to the ring.

    On March 16, hold the board game Roguelike, defeat the foe, and support the rook.
    What Does” Reality-Inspired Game” The Wreck Becoming Mean? # 8230
    New Xbox games for February 20 to 24 are available last year.

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