Friday, March 24, 2023

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    Dino Problems: Super Record, Part 6

    As we take on Capcom’s most underappreciated sport, Dino Crisis, Super Replay is given a terrifying dose of dino-DNA! Visit us today on & nbsp, Twitch at 3 p. m. Central, and use the 1999″ stress horror” game from beginning to end for two hours each week. The following day, each part may be posted to our Game Informer Shows YouTube network. & nbsp,

    • Suicide Finds A Way, Part 1
    • In Protection of the Displaced World, Season 2
    • Terror Dactyl & nbsp, Episode 3
    • Heat That Bird, Show 4
    • The Spit Hits the Fan, Part 5
    • Saturday Night Fever, Episode 6

    After Resident Evil’s success, Capcom followed it up with Dino Crisis, a moral successor. The game uses a similar design to Resident Evil, but instead of monsters, it uses bloodthirsty animals. Regina, a unique operations man sent to investigate an beach research facility that these extinct lizards have taken over, is the star of the game. As the two figure out what the heck is going on on this island and drive these creatures again to extinction, add host Marcus Stewart and Kyle Hilliard on the sticks. & nbsp,

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