Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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    Release date for Nicolas Cage Drama Sets: Love for the Devil

    Joel Kinnaman and Nicolas Cage are the stars of the mental suspense novel Sympathy for the Devil, which RLJE Films announced on Thursday.

    In addition to announcing the skill, RLJE Films already scheduled the movie’s release date for July 28, 2023. Mark Ward, the general acquisitions officer of RLJE Film, praised Cage and stated that the company is eager to work with him once more in a speech on the news.

    According to Ward,” This is our eighth collaboration with Nicolas Cage, which includes & nbsp, Mandy &# 8211, and a huge cult following.” ” When more, he doesn’t let you down.” Cage and Joel Kinnaman create a dramatic story on screen in this movie that will have viewers guessing.

    Sympathy for the Devil is being directed by Yuval Adler, who’s best known for his award-winning debut feature Bethlehem. The upcoming film also marks Adler’s second collaboration with Kinnaman after working together on the 2019 thriller The Secrets We Keep.

    The logline reads,” The movie follows Kinnaman’s The Driver as he discovers himself in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse recreation after being made to get The Passenger.” That prepares the stage for a white-knuckle vehicle.

    Sympathy for the Devil is produced by Ungar, Christian Mercuri, Stuart Manashil, and Marc Goldberg. Executive producers are Alex Lebovici, David Haring, David Sullivan, Jason Soto, Tim Moore, Courtney Chenn, and Waylen Lin.

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