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    Superman: Legacy &# 039, Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn To Direct DCU

    James Gunn Superman: Legacy director movie DC DCU

    The lineup for the first chapter of the DC cinematic universe was revealed earlier this year by Peter Safran( producer Aquaman & nbsp ) and James Gunn( Guardiansof the Galaxy, Peacemaker ). The first chapter of the DCU, which is titled” Gods and Monsters ,” is expected to feature at least 10 film and television projects. One of those initiatives is” Superman: Legacy ,” a brand-new Superman film.

    It was rumored at the time the movie was announced that Gunn would point it, but that wasn’t confirmed. Safran, meanwhile, expressed his personal desire for Gunn to be the director. Gunn announced yesterday on Twitter that he would actually point” Superman: Legacy.” & nbsp,

    In a tweet, Gunn states,” Yes, I’m directing Superman: Legacy to be released on July 11, 2025.” When he saw the launch day, my nephew Matt reportedly started crying. I enquired as to why. Hey, gallant, it’s my dads birthday.” he said. I was unaware of it. Nearly three years later, I lost my father. He was the closest I had. He didn’t appreciate me when I was a child, but he supported my fancy of film and cartoons, and without him, I would not be producing this movie today. It has been a difficult journey to get here, nbsp. Years ago, I was given the chance to be Superman, but I declined because I lacked a method that felt special, enjoyable, and psychological and gave the superhero the respect he deserved. Again, less than a year ago, I discovered an entranceway that was largely centered on Superman’s heritage, including how his wealthy Kryptonian and Kansas farmer parents shape his personality and his decisions. & nbsp ,” so I made the decision to finally start writing the script. Nevertheless, despite Peter Safran and others’ persistent nagging to commit( sorry, Peter ), I was hesitant to direct. Simply because I write anything doesn’t mean I have the visual and emotional connection to pay more than two decades directing it, certainly not something of this magnitude. & nbsp, But the long and short of it is that I adore this script and am giddy with anticipation as this process gets underway. # UpUpandAway””

    On July 11, 2025,” Superman: Legacy” will be released in theaters, and according to Safran, it marks the beginning of the DCU. While this is the official start of the DCU, the co-CEO already stated that Superman: Legacy” will not be an nature story.” Therefore, according to Safran, the movie will concentrate on Superman juggling his Mythical history with his animal lifestyle before bringing up a long-standing theme of the hero:” He is the embodiment of truth, justice, and the British way.” In a society that views generosity as out-of-date, he is kind. “& nbsp,

    It was revealed at the time of the release of” Superman: Legacy” that a separate Superman film being produced by JJ Abrams and written by Te – Nehisi Coates is still in progress, but it will survive outside the DCU, little like Matt Reeves'” The Batman” company, which stars Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. & nbsp,

    Visit our list below for a complete breakdown of the DCU’s first picture of film and television work. The most recent Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League play video and nbsp, which confirms the adventure will have a fight pass and completely post-launch DLC, are available for more superhero action. & nbsp,

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