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    The Mental Despair Sport You Didn’t See Coming: Stray Souls


    • Stray Souls pays homage to classic games in the horror genre, while crafting an experience for the modern era.
    • designed to keep you on your toes by being wholly engaging and unsettling!
    • Coming this fall to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

    I adore despair, but it takes a lot to frighten me. Fly bothers are great for a fast start, but I’m always looking for views that will stay with me long after the funds have passed. I’m referring to levels of psychological terror, such as Silent Hill 2, Paranormal Activity, and # 8221! Within the first ten days of the day Stray Souls crossed my desk, I realized that the people at Jukai Studio were my soul match. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist # 8217.

    Stray Souls tells the story of Daniel, who is your average 18-year-old in an anything but average situation. After inheriting the home of his estranged grandmother, he thinks he’s got it made, with a place to finally call his own and the independence that comes with it. However, his joy is short-lived once he discovers that he may not be alone in the house after all.

    Stray Souls - Screen 1

    Grandma was actually keeping some very important stories! Luckily for Daniel, his nosy neighbor Martha is quite knowledgeable about what’s happening in his house. Daniel is unfortunate because his dream is only just getting started.

    You and Martha set out on a journey to find out the truth about your previous while playing the part of Daniel. You’ll find shadowy soldiers at every turn who are eager to try to stop you as each piece of the puzzle brings you closer to the truth.

    Stray Souls - Screen 2

    You’ll have to contend with hordes of horrible bad guys in any great horror adventure, but Stray Souls differs from many games in the music in that our hero, Daniel, is a teenager rather than an experienced soldier. You’ll need to concentrate on resource management and combat strategy to thrive because he doesn’t have a sizable cache of weapons and body armor. If you want to, you can even flee from most battles!

    The Jukai Studio team is made up of students who study the style, and it shows. For, you can clearly feel the influence of traditional horror games that have been updated for today’s gamers. like riddles, for instance. The riddles are made to be difficult, but they can be solved without an online search for the solution. No more stumbling about etched edges trying to decide how to use them!

    Stray Souls - Screen 3

    The way the developers created this anxious, frightening feeling that never feels fully safe is what most captured my attention about Stray Souls as a gamer. moving objects in the range. departments are being snapped all around you. Is there something nearby that is waiting? In Aspen Falls, maybe your imagination is your own worst enemy, and I adore it!

    Stray Soulsis coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this fall, and I absolutely cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on it. I’ve never had so much fun working on a game while simultaneously getting the holy heck scared of me every step of the way!

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